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Emilia, there goes your intellegence!

August 27, 2007

Well let bash IAH for the latest nerf on Emilia the Sage. Lately, lot of players just felt so hopeless, looking at their new bought box set, just to find out that the sage was being nerf. Thank to the once and for all, IAH policy to bring her down to create balance to the game.


For those who keep debating that she is too overpower and is respectively needed a nerf with all the details data’s and sources, save your breath. People here are not going to tolerate or even mind about those data’s, even though they are exact.

The real point that people wish to made is, why did IAH never tell anyone that they are going to nerf the poor sage, so people will be aware of what they are suppose to buy.

Why they had been keep waiting for people to bought almost all the boxes before they officially announced the sage is being nerf? Is like buying Chee Cheong Fun without the Sweet sauce. Got my point? Chee Cheong Fun suppose to be with sweet sauce! Emilia should be with their extra int, unless stated! Yah right, they do state that the Emilia the Sage is free but then you think everyone were buying the box cause they want to get attached with GE for 1/2 years? 

For me, this is totally not a good way of doing business. I mean, yeah i agree on the nerf, but at least, if you gonna nerf, let your customer knows about it in advance. If you are not sure if you can save the nerfilization, don’t release your product yet. And keeping quiet not going to remedy the situation. I got the box, I can accept the nerf, but I think someone still own me and many other players an apologize. And make it grand… wakakakaka…… Angel Wing anyone?


Colony War goes Havoc

August 27, 2007

Woot sorry for the long delay… was busy preparing for the war.

Ok Monday is usually the day we all talk about last night Colony war, of course for those who participate, for those who don’t, too bad.


This week champion goes to Caravaggio server Luminaires. They fall for the first time, badly and manage to hit upon a hacker who eventually hack into the leader account just to disband the faction who doesn’t go hard on the leader items? Wow that hacker must had hate their leader very much! Talking about pure hatred, and conspiracy, heard he share his account… how true is this man! Well hope you get back on track for the next war. And can anyone stop warforge (the so call moderator) from closing thread due to too political discussion? I mean wasn’t us all suppose to be political in this game, gosh!

Oh well as for the other, nothing much change, Vivaldi still with almost the same look, just as boring as shit to be crowned the hacking server. Carracci still the Destiny-Godlike big faction against all the republican..zzzzz but worth to mention is that this week the royalist got their big win over there. Pachelbel was as quiet as usual….. and where the hell is Yakisoba? NO is not Cervertes, cervertes doesn’t exist, is Yakisoba server… where are they? No news from them at all? Haha sorry Dominion, is not that i supported them, is just that there is too much publicity around them.

Oh well that wrap out the CW for last week. We shall keep in touch more on the other issue happening around GE. I think i shall go for the latest hot news on the nerfing of that Sage, which being complaint by most of the players.

Horde of Vis Seller!

August 24, 2007










It’s been a known fact that how Granado Espada is being centered into a totally inflated games, with bots and vis seller lurking around. Imagine buying some rare at a rate beyond the reach of even hardcore players. How about those who played casually? They either stick with their crap, seeing how unfair the economy goes, or just join the crowd buying the vis from the evil vis seller.

Countless of post had been reported in this matter, wipe off? wipe vis possession? Wipe your ass!!!… that’s a mindless propose…. The real fact is, we can’t do anything at all, especially when they launch the Gpoint yesterday. So you can just keep typing and typing, provoking the matter, but nothing can be done now. Like chinese said, water pour out, can’t be collect back.

To make thing worst, with people exchanging Vis with IAH shop items now, its going to hurt the economy much more! Havoc just waiting to happen! What the heck can we do? What the heck IAH can do to bring justice back again?

What we can do, is STOP buying vis from the vis seller. Hell we don’t care how screw up the economy in the servers, what we should do is to look forward. So for those who are selling the vis, we all hope you just go to hell! For those who are buying the vis, may god be mercy on you, and for those who are planning to buy….. THINK TWICE BEFORE YOUR BALLS EXPLODE! curse from the ethical gamers!

Next Update : How to stop buying from Vis Seller but still earn Vis

March of the Botz!

August 23, 2007


This week, we will go far to explore the common desease of all mmorpg, no exception to GE too, the bots invasion! Like other online game, GE share the same fate in facing the march of clones bot.


Botz is like a desease, they come, they make you sickz and they make you lost all your appetite to play, lastly make you quit your life in Granado Espada. Hell they will be no life at all if botz are to terrorize GE.

The issue had been brought out countless times in the official GE forum, NIA had been use, few account had been banned, so what, those fucking botter are still around! You banned them today, they come again later.

So the concern is how to STOP them? I will say, stop buying vis from them! Don’t you know you are destroying GE when you start puchasing the vis? So first of all, restrict yourselves from doing something stupid in your life for once! Play no evil and be a responsible gamers!

Next update : The players behind the vis buying conspiracy!

The First Words

August 22, 2007

Welcome to anyone who somehow clicked in my blog here. This is the first post of the month, so maybe i should make some introduction, although you can also find this same introduction in here. Anyhow, let start with me.

Who am i? I am those who like to play games, but at the same time, analyse the game in sense of the gameplay, community, gameflow and how the game would progress in various aspect. Different from players all around the world who use words to show their concern over the game, I will use a different approach in all my comments, the power of graphic and pictures. Everything related here might be true or false, depending on how players would react in the official GE forum. So don’t take it too seriously, is a matter for fun and laughter!

Granado Espada for me is a very interactive game, by far the best I had played before Ragnarok Online, yeah hell who cares, the same person created these 2 games. But there is always room for improvement. So you will see lot of comment i am going to made, daily or weekly, depending on what i come across.

By the way, i guess this is all i would say for now, shortly, i will be posting my first comment of the game, after almost 4 month of game play on GE. Good luck to all players and good luck to GE.