The First Words

Welcome to anyone who somehow clicked in my blog here. This is the first post of the month, so maybe i should make some introduction, although you can also find this same introduction in here. Anyhow, let start with me.

Who am i? I am those who like to play games, but at the same time, analyse the game in sense of the gameplay, community, gameflow and how the game would progress in various aspect. Different from players all around the world who use words to show their concern over the game, I will use a different approach in all my comments, the power of graphic and pictures. Everything related here might be true or false, depending on how players would react in the official GE forum. So don’t take it too seriously, is a matter for fun and laughter!

Granado Espada for me is a very interactive game, by far the best I had played before Ragnarok Online, yeah hell who cares, the same person created these 2 games. But there is always room for improvement. So you will see lot of comment i am going to made, daily or weekly, depending on what i come across.

By the way, i guess this is all i would say for now, shortly, i will be posting my first comment of the game, after almost 4 month of game play on GE. Good luck to all players and good luck to GE.

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