March of the Botz!


This week, we will go far to explore the common desease of all mmorpg, no exception to GE too, the bots invasion! Like other online game, GE share the same fate in facing the march of clones bot.


Botz is like a desease, they come, they make you sickz and they make you lost all your appetite to play, lastly make you quit your life in Granado Espada. Hell they will be no life at all if botz are to terrorize GE.

The issue had been brought out countless times in the official GE forum, NIA had been use, few account had been banned, so what, those fucking botter are still around! You banned them today, they come again later.

So the concern is how to STOP them? I will say, stop buying vis from them! Don’t you know you are destroying GE when you start puchasing the vis? So first of all, restrict yourselves from doing something stupid in your life for once! Play no evil and be a responsible gamers!

Next update : The players behind the vis buying conspiracy!

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2 Comments on “March of the Botz!”

  1. Rush Says:

    Wow! Kewl!!

  2. falena Says:

    omg i love your blog haha

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