Horde of Vis Seller!










It’s been a known fact that how Granado Espada is being centered into a totally inflated games, with bots and vis seller lurking around. Imagine buying some rare at a rate beyond the reach of even hardcore players. How about those who played casually? They either stick with their crap, seeing how unfair the economy goes, or just join the crowd buying the vis from the evil vis seller.

Countless of post had been reported in this matter, wipe off? wipe vis possession? Wipe your ass!!!… that’s a mindless propose…. The real fact is, we can’t do anything at all, especially when they launch the Gpoint yesterday. So you can just keep typing and typing, provoking the matter, but nothing can be done now. Like chinese said, water pour out, can’t be collect back.

To make thing worst, with people exchanging Vis with IAH shop items now, its going to hurt the economy much more! Havoc just waiting to happen! What the heck can we do? What the heck IAH can do to bring justice back again?

What we can do, is STOP buying vis from the vis seller. Hell we don’t care how screw up the economy in the servers, what we should do is to look forward. So for those who are selling the vis, we all hope you just go to hell! For those who are buying the vis, may god be mercy on you, and for those who are planning to buy….. THINK TWICE BEFORE YOUR BALLS EXPLODE! curse from the ethical gamers!

Next Update : How to stop buying from Vis Seller but still earn Vis

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6 Comments on “Horde of Vis Seller!”

  1. Weiss Says:

    I got your link from the Blogspotting Thread. Haha.. very funny! Good job! Your spoofs make me laugh a lot.

  2. Orcalia Says:

    Haha glad you enjoy it man 🙂
    Stay tune for more…..

  3. gyl Says:

    btw, i featured this article on a blog post as well as a link to your site. I hope you don’t mind me doing that. Erm.. but if you want to remove it from the Granadosource blog please do tell me. ^^

    I really find this funny and so i wanna spread this link to everyone so there i hope you don’t mind.

  4. Orcalia Says:

    Dun worry man…. just do it… let the real players words spreads…
    Lol (>_<“)

  5. gyl Says:

    hahahaha.. got that!! XD

  6. Linoan Says:

    Very saddening indeed.

    “Even Hard Core players cant afford them”

    The inflation is OMG, killing the game

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