Colony War goes Havoc

Woot sorry for the long delay… was busy preparing for the war.

Ok Monday is usually the day we all talk about last night Colony war, of course for those who participate, for those who don’t, too bad.


This week champion goes to Caravaggio server Luminaires. They fall for the first time, badly and manage to hit upon a hacker who eventually hack into the leader account just to disband the faction who doesn’t go hard on the leader items? Wow that hacker must had hate their leader very much! Talking about pure hatred, and conspiracy, heard he share his account… how true is this man! Well hope you get back on track for the next war. And can anyone stop warforge (the so call moderator) from closing thread due to too political discussion? I mean wasn’t us all suppose to be political in this game, gosh!

Oh well as for the other, nothing much change, Vivaldi still with almost the same look, just as boring as shit to be crowned the hacking server. Carracci still the Destiny-Godlike big faction against all the republican..zzzzz but worth to mention is that this week the royalist got their big win over there. Pachelbel was as quiet as usual….. and where the hell is Yakisoba? NO is not Cervertes, cervertes doesn’t exist, is Yakisoba server… where are they? No news from them at all? Haha sorry Dominion, is not that i supported them, is just that there is too much publicity around them.

Oh well that wrap out the CW for last week. We shall keep in touch more on the other issue happening around GE. I think i shall go for the latest hot news on the nerfing of that Sage, which being complaint by most of the players.

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2 Comments on “Colony War goes Havoc”

  1. Rococo Says:

    yakisoba has been disbanded. they are reborned under the new name of chocoporing. ^^

  2. Orcalia Says:

    ic…. well good luck on that…
    after tonite war, we will had more to see and report from here lol

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