Emilia, there goes your intellegence!

Well let bash IAH for the latest nerf on Emilia the Sage. Lately, lot of players just felt so hopeless, looking at their new bought box set, just to find out that the sage was being nerf. Thank to the once and for all, IAH policy to bring her down to create balance to the game.


For those who keep debating that she is too overpower and is respectively needed a nerf with all the details data’s and sources, save your breath. People here are not going to tolerate or even mind about those data’s, even though they are exact.

The real point that people wish to made is, why did IAH never tell anyone that they are going to nerf the poor sage, so people will be aware of what they are suppose to buy.

Why they had been keep waiting for people to bought almost all the boxes before they officially announced the sage is being nerf? Is like buying Chee Cheong Fun without the Sweet sauce. Got my point? Chee Cheong Fun suppose to be with sweet sauce! Emilia should be with their extra int, unless stated! Yah right, they do state that the Emilia the Sage is free but then you think everyone were buying the box cause they want to get attached with GE for 1/2 years? 

For me, this is totally not a good way of doing business. I mean, yeah i agree on the nerf, but at least, if you gonna nerf, let your customer knows about it in advance. If you are not sure if you can save the nerfilization, don’t release your product yet. And keeping quiet not going to remedy the situation. I got the box, I can accept the nerf, but I think someone still own me and many other players an apologize. And make it grand… wakakakaka…… Angel Wing anyone?

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5 Comments on “Emilia, there goes your intellegence!”

  1. gyl Says:

    Hi! I’m Gyl from Granadosouce.blogspot.com mind if we exchange links? I love the way you present Granado Espada in your blog. really funny and entertaining man! Keep it up!

  2. Orcalia Says:

    Sure no problem man…
    will blog ur link to mine later 🙂
    thank for the compliment 🙂

  3. Deus Says:

    They did gave out the Angel Wings but only for a limited time of 4 days and only for those who brought the LE box down to Funan.. I hope they’ll do it again for new and existing buyers who couldn’t make it those few days..

  4. Orcalia Says:

    Haha yeah….. cant cover much of all the players, oh well…
    at least they took some action for their act…..
    That is how a good game hosting company should be. 🙂

  5. Bandeau Says:

    The caption is so cute and sweet!! Really like your work~

    Hope to see more of your posts!! 🙂

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