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More Info please IAH!

September 26, 2007

Once again, thank for the caring players who always bought the truth out from the game, especially its involve real cash transaction. As most people believes, maybe 70%-80% of them, 20 Enhancement booster (cost about 11,000Gpoints) actually enhance your items to +5 with 100% successful rate.


Damn! To those who haven’t know it, using 20 Enhancement booster WON’T get you to +5 with 100% successful rate. Hrin did mention is her blog that the success rate was by her testing. But even so, the big tables seem to had distract all the little details, wasn’t it? It stated so clearly there 100% successful rate if you use 20 EB! But still, this is not the whole point! My point is clear, if you are selling something, no matter how much it cost, make clear of your product, especially virtual product. Same goes to the Forgotten Territory Pass, if you look closely to the product, it’s doesn’t mention that it will still be running after used even if there is a maintenance or downtime!

The matter is not about being scam or unfair, is about the seller providing the exact and sufficient information so that we as customer may puchase the right products. Was it so hard to create the details and accurate datas for the each of the virtual product you are selling? Let me demonstrate a simple example:


So if they are not following the correct procedure in selling the virtual items, they are not following the law as stated in the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act under note number 4 as follows:

Meaning of unfair practice
4.   It is an unfair practice for a supplier, in relation to a consumer transaction
(a) to do or say anything, or omit to do or say anything, if as a result a consumer might reasonably be deceived or misled
(b) to make a false claim;
(c) to take advantage of a consumer if the supplier knows or ought reasonably to know that the consumer —
     (i) is not in a position to protect his own interests; or
     (ii) is not reasonably able to understand the character, nature, language or effect of the transaction or any matter related to the transaction; or
(d) without limiting the generality of paragraphs (a) to (c), to do anything specified in the Second Schedule.

So please improve the visibility of your products, so that there is not conflict and unfairness between every transaction! Make the game clean, especially from your part.


IAH finally reply! Hail to 2.4

September 25, 2007

First Note : IMC have implemented a new anti-bot system in Korean GE v2.4 service. The system enable the legit gamers to alert the system about a suspected botter. The system will then monitor the alleged offender for illegal usage patterns and packets (of course, these details will not be shared for obvious reasons) If the offender is suspected to be botting by the system, a “graphical response” image will be shown to the offender and he has to manually key in the letters shown in the image. This will make the botting an highly hard-to-do affair. The system is currently under-going further testing with the kGE system and will most likely be implemented for our service by the time we enter into v2.4. We are currently targeting year end to launch v2.4 for our game service. To prevent bots developers from exploiting the system, details on the finalized system for our service will only be released upon implementation.
As far as i can see, this is the hope for mankind survival in GE. We hope that the solution will save GE and restore real flesh life in GE again, instead of walking robotic zombies! But its came around the end of this year, which is around 3 months later, so how bad the economy might goes, will be unknown. But still hail to 2.4!

Second Note : On another of our anti-botting initiative, we are in the midst of deploying a full-time anti-botting team in a regional country. This team will focus mainly on combating botters. The team is expected to start operation by the mid of October.
With this note, it’s seem much more profesional than getting the Ninjas or what so ever they called it. We will see how this anti-botting campaign goes around mid of Oct! I will definetely keep this on my PDA noted! Again hail to the ABT (Anti-Botting Team)

Third Note : We have also been actively banning bot offenders at the count of around 200 per day. Doing so have required the full deployment of our existing game support team. Of course, we are looking at pushing this figures to another high.
200 in every server or all server together? Well anyhow, bots are still there, look around some of the bots kingdom, Rion? Porto? Oh well, so much for the banning, is not an easy task! But if there is already an initial steps taken, we hail your effort! Hope to see more positive result soon! 

Fourth Note : Having explained these measures that we are embarking on, we would still like to reiterate on how you can also play a part in making GE a “cleaner” world. We have identified several of these botters as vis and item farmers who have been doing this as a profiteering business. Our advice is that the a very good way to stop them from continuing to abuse the system is to stop the demand from the buyers. Do not buy “vis” or “items” using real money. Doing so will only fuel the economy and prompt them to heighten the supply. (i.e. more botters!)
Well curse those who buy vis illegally. They are just too stupid and idiot to see, when they buy 100mil vis from a vis seller, then bought an uber equipments with 100mil vis from the vis seller again, and then start playing with lifeless bots, commanded by the vis seller. Then vis seller resell the 100mil vis and keep their business running and running, converting the virtual money into real cash! “Yah i got that lvl 100 (+5) armor! Yahoo, now hail me now!!” as the respond would be “…………………………..”, stop talking to the wall moron! wall won’t respond to you!

Fifth Note : Lastly, our silence does not mean that we are not taking any action against the botters. It just mean that we are watching them and planning our move. Stay with us. We are also on a look-out for high level players who have apparently been botting too. (Treasure your account and characters, do not bot!)
Well, silent killed, so sometimes, you might want to show off some great achievement of yours in battling the botters, or have you? Anyhow, we take this word as a confirm act of justice, you can hide the trace from your forum, but not from my blog! We will mark this as the statement of determination, and see all the progress from here-on! Nevertheless, hail to MeePokTah!!

Another week of war, same map layout.

September 24, 2007

Needless to say, the colony war was indeed more or less the same like everyweek. Anyhow, glad to hear that there are real actions over Caravaggio with great fight and twist! It’s seem to be a much balance server. EliteVietNam own Vivaldi? That pretty odd, since they are crowned the hacking faction, they manage to made a come back? Cervantes seem to lose all the news, or momentum after the departure of yakisoba? No news from Pach so far. Sadly, Carracci map doesn’t change a bit after 3 weeks in a row, since the reset of the colony!

Is pretty sad that the strong faction continue to become stronger and stronger each week, with constant hp boost for raids and leveling, in the other hand, weaker or even slightly weaker faction ( or alliances or side ) will get weaker and weaker each week due to members transfer factor to stronger faction.

Lot might no agree on this, and most just accuse that the weaker faction get weaker cause of the faction or the side own problems. But we can’t deny that the game concept had indeed been least unfair to the late comer where the dominating team or faction or alliance or side will keep dominating the server for a very long time.

Simple explaination, your faction or alliance got the max hp boost, you guys do raid easily and manage to get loots or stronger loot easily, leveling after veteran will be easy too at higher level place, not to mention hunting the stronger mini bosses. Then uber items are on your side in a ratio more than the weaker side. People like power and fun, they always lost in the weaker side, they switch to stronger side which support the stronger get stronger concept.

Only few who think is much more fun playing as an underdog, believe there is always a hope, or else there is still more fun to fight bigger faction than just sticking with the ultimate ones. Anyhow, nothing much we can do perhap, the systems are all set, Kge and Jge all run the exact same system, and things get well there (or players do complaint before, just that nothing much can be done about it). So we might need to stick with it for a very long time. Till we see map changed in Carracci, let’s just do our best.

Note: We don’t hate the strong ones, we don’t envy your power or wealth, we just felt that the systems and the colony war concept kinda sux, and please fix the damn chat lag!

The Flames Continue

September 21, 2007

If the heated flaming war was not enough for Dominion, we can move on to the next episode of flaming war over the Pach server! The Saga of two undead faction, Des and Celestial prolong till almost 31 pages, talking about real flamer and spammer here!

Its all started with the single entiti of botters. After reading through the whole topic, I think most people still not too sure which is the botter faction so far. However, lot of people choose to ignore it cause smart gamers would go through the simple logical act as in “What the heck does this have to do with me?” Only minor players from the respective faction go on barking each other face to face!

Imagine you mother asking who want the bigger peice of the cake, and two idiots spoil brat take turn shouting at each other “Me!”, “Me!””Me!”,”Me!”,”Me!”,”Me!”,”Me!”,”Me!” over and over and over again.

So any winner for the day? IAH step in just before they manage to drag into page 32, to confirm that they will look into the matter. Oh well so much for the dramas, the theories, the statistic, the fact and the proof! But it does make mine day for the fun tuning of the flaming war and facts.

Few worth mention content from the flaming war :
1) The Micro keyboard promoted by IAH from microsoft, was it illegal?
2) The poor Jack, you can’t just build thing nicely, or you will be flame as botter!
3) If you had a bad day and wish for some good laugh, read this topic start from page 21. Its start to go far from the topic and players start to put in move humor!

Dominion Bugged Faction?

September 21, 2007

I just read through this morning on a very interesting issue revolve around Dominion Faction (Cervertes Server). The topic start of with strong evidence on one of the dominion members who bots (Ice2), I believe. But when I read on, the topic somehow turn on to the bugging of HB and Vergo? Now that’s interesting!


After reading the whole thread, what I felt is that there is minority of people out there keep stressing and pushing Dominion to the edge, claiming them the bots or bugs exploiter! They can come out with all sort of their so called theories, to bring the faction reputation down! But from mine point of view, hell what they heck does this had to do with you. People can goes to the extend to keep shouting and shouting till the accusation turn into serious flaming! Is like you see your neighbour taking an underwears from your other neighbour house and you put up your microphone and tell all other single neighbours from 5 km away your home about this matter! Did you even check if he is stealing? Don’t you think the best way is to report the situation to the authority?

If any of their members are botter which spotted by you, just go and report them! If you see them purposely trying to bug the boss, just take some screenshot or video and report them! Let IAH take charge to investigate the matter. Why keep bashing them in forum, and along the way, accusing them to be botter faction! Is like you mother brother son wife sister friend was a loser, and your whole bunch of related people are losers! Is freaking unfair!

So stop the whining, and do the right thing as a responsible gamer! Bashing other people faction on their act eventhou their leader had come out to clarified clearly the situation, won’t made you a hero!

Marking IAH Effectiveness

September 18, 2007

We mark the date for IAH effectiveness in dealing with all sort issues around GE. Good job IAH for ignoring most of the important issue which might destroy the game!

No 5 Issue : The Lagness!
Nothing could be done? Lagness made CW become the most freaking frustration features in the game!
Respond from IAH
16593617tz0.gif  Laaa Laa…. Laaa Laa….

No 4 Issue : The Vis Duper & Hacker
Well, what can we say, they come they see, they conquer, and IAH just let them rape the game! Please do something before its too late.
Respond from IAH
36556418yj2.gif  ZZZzzzz………

No 3 Issue : The Botterz
Since the age of Pobt, and what can we say about it, we all say enough de lar…. Is not something new to mmorpg world, is up to the management of the game to either ignore, solve or support the insects!
Respond from IAH
15410495gt7.gif  Wewangwang Wewangwang…..

No 2 Issue : The Scammer and Cheater
Although this mainly come from the players, but IAH could help to control the situation. Something new but its doesnt mean IAH can just ignore about it! Control those cheater before they chase off your customer!
Respond from IAH
14179412xo6.gif  Ahh…. Huuu…… ZZzzz…..

No 1 Issue : The Vis Seller
We got all sort of advertising going in most server on the Vis seller, and they seem like selling legally! God, is not that we don’t report about it, is how you guys wanted to take up the responsibility!
Respond from IAH
48449407ge9.gif  Hoo…… Huuu….

De-leveling Noobs Act?

September 17, 2007

Well is monday and i usually be posting something related to yesterday CW, but hell, not today cause there was nothing happen. Apparently is the same old boring war in Carracci, and maybe there is some action in other server, but I come across something which really frustrate me than the CW war itself.

My deepest sadness to Makipopo, who had just quited GE for good, thank to some moronic act of Sparta arse who goes around de-leveling people. To start off, I don’t even know why GE was being designed such a way the de-leveling was being a part of the game? Imagine you pay so much for the X2 exp just to get yourselves to the upper level to enjoy the game, and the next thing is, woot, de-leveled back to whatever lower level you get.


To those who always had their own agenda or reason to de-level someone, think of this, even if someone had steal your girlfrens, it doesn’t mean that you had the right to go after their life! People spent times, money and effort to play and enjoy the game. And all you know how to do is De-leveling them? Give me a break, you parent didn’t teach you how to respect other people right? And who give you the right to de-level people effort, money and time, in the end totally cut off the other enjoyment over the games?

Just remember, before you start de-leveling someone, ask yourselves, what is the real value of your life? To be pile of shit or to be an honorable gamers. And don’t be a sissy to give excuse that if you do not want to be de-leveled, don’t afk!