Same Old War

Well for the colony war yesterday, everthing look quite the same, strong guys get to dominate the world, and weaker faction just waited to be pawned! Usual system we had here in the granado espada.


 From Carracci here, so congrat again to the dominating Royalist for their win over the republican! Is not hard wasn’t it? Lol…… Oh well, I think most republican unlikely to look forward for the coming war anymore, but surely, they will be back when they are ready!

For other server, I am not too sure of the whole stories behind them, but hell is, i think not much action either except for some balance server between the Royalist and the Republican. Anyhow, enjoy the war, and see again next week!

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8 Comments on “Same Old War”

  1. gyl Says:

    really funny.. lol.. you’ve got real good design skill btw. cheers!

  2. Orcalia Says:

    Hahahaz thank man…..
    More to come for this week……

  3. gyl Says:

    if you’re in Pachelbel server, we got like only 2 major factions and they’re like allied together O_O

  4. Orcalia Says:

    And you can see how hard to really pawn the royalist in carracci 🙂
    Oh well….. is norm of a war….. most importantly, have fun!

  5. Deus Says:

    Cute and funny, keep up the good work. For your Blog. (=

  6. falena Says:

    hahahaha -.-” darn our leader chan sure had a gay smile =P

  7. meekie Says:

    Very funny!!! haha I just couldn’t stop laffing! Thanks for the great end to a lousy day at work 😀

  8. Orcalia Says:

    Glad its make your day…
    hope we got more interesitng news next war!

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