The Missing Def Rating?

Opss IAH did it again…. Now onto the bugged armor which give less the 1 DR even it was +5.  But there is one here out there who never stop whining to make thing right! Our savior, Cinderboy who had keep up his threat to address the problem so that action could be taken! Without your shoutout of desperation, IAH might not even had took the initiative to solve the issue so fast! Way the go our serious gamer.


Is not all about giving you a broken free stuff…. is about the right which you had, just like some of the victims who actually bought those items with their hard earn vis! Nevertheless…. is a bugged items! So thing need to be fix…. and IAH never upset us with what they can do to set thing right (Except for the neverending bots issues). Fast respond from them, and hope those who are unfortunate get to enjoy the extra “1” DR soon!

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2 Comments on “The Missing Def Rating?”

  1. anythinq Says:

    Lol. Funny picture. 😀 Give me back my +1DR!

  2. Zen Says:

    This is the first time i been here and i must say its a very interesting blog!! Keep up the good work!!

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