Cath, you Owned!

You never miss great topic popping up each day in the GE forum. Now even cath being overpowerful to be the botter tools of vis farming is being discuss. I mean like that also can discuss…. in actual fact all bots are powerful…. but with cath or 3 cath, they are the master of all bots.


Well put it this way, i never plan to own a cath, and never like them either, cause of their overpower puppets. Of course if this game was free of botters, cath is quite a balance RNPC, low hp, good damage puppets, for all situation, but if the bots phenomena is being enclosed, cath just imbalance! You had an army there my friends, what do you expect? Powerful tools for bots to farm very effectively, as easy as that. Cath used the puppets as bots to level herself, and botters used cath to farm vis for them! Is like bots use bots by botters to expand the bots empire!

Anyhow, as to nerf or not nerf the cath, will depend on how bad the situation goes. Imagine the whole population of vis farmer 100% using 3 cath to farm, which indeed is 100% more effective, then you will see how being cath is a flaming RNPC as botters. No point arguing for that Benten, as people will see it sooner or later. We just sit and enjoy the show.

No nerf, just solve the damn botting and vis farmer issue!

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One Comment on “Cath, you Owned!”

  1. gyl Says:

    yeah! nerfing really don’t solve anything (other than balancing issues) they prolly should pay more attention to their “Golden Ticket”

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