De-leveling Noobs Act?

Well is monday and i usually be posting something related to yesterday CW, but hell, not today cause there was nothing happen. Apparently is the same old boring war in Carracci, and maybe there is some action in other server, but I come across something which really frustrate me than the CW war itself.

My deepest sadness to Makipopo, who had just quited GE for good, thank to some moronic act of Sparta arse who goes around de-leveling people. To start off, I don’t even know why GE was being designed such a way the de-leveling was being a part of the game? Imagine you pay so much for the X2 exp just to get yourselves to the upper level to enjoy the game, and the next thing is, woot, de-leveled back to whatever lower level you get.


To those who always had their own agenda or reason to de-level someone, think of this, even if someone had steal your girlfrens, it doesn’t mean that you had the right to go after their life! People spent times, money and effort to play and enjoy the game. And all you know how to do is De-leveling them? Give me a break, you parent didn’t teach you how to respect other people right? And who give you the right to de-level people effort, money and time, in the end totally cut off the other enjoyment over the games?

Just remember, before you start de-leveling someone, ask yourselves, what is the real value of your life? To be pile of shit or to be an honorable gamers. And don’t be a sissy to give excuse that if you do not want to be de-leveled, don’t afk!

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12 Comments on “De-leveling Noobs Act?”

  1. anythinq Says:

    lol, brought shame to the name Spartan. not up to standard. change faction name lah. change to noballs faction.

  2. Orcalia Says:

    well is just frustrated why people would act like this, is an act against morality. They had simply no life at all. Somemore, I heard they got a system to de-level people in the most effective way. I wonder if they ever felt sorry for what they did, is like murdering a character!

    Boo… to them!

  3. Rococo Says:

    spartan disbanded i think…. I believed they renamed themselves

  4. anythinq Says:

    so they really changed to noballs? xD

  5. Orcalia Says:

    i wonder… i really wonder….. anyone can clarified this?
    Not from the server…. most info come from forum… which i doubt if its true.
    But hell who care! lol

  6. Rococo Says:

    I played in cervantes and I noticed that the leader of spartan has no faction. which means he has disbanded his faction. BTW, the guy who got delvl is my faction leader. =(

  7. Orcalia Says:

    Tell him is good to take a break and don’t give up yet. Is a serious world out there, but games are meant to be played by us, not being played by it!
    I believe lot understand how its feel to be drop down again in effort, but at least, me, I will support him all the way!


  8. Katsumoto85 Says:

    i feel bad for the dude that get delevel and quit the game ……

    if spartan really got problem with this dude , they should ask him PVP in front of everyone instead of doing this kind of NOOB thing……

  9. Orcalia Says:

    Like i felt, you got 1001 ways to solve issues in this world, but they choose the noob way, which seem to be legal, life wasn’t fair, what can we do about it? 😦

    Another life end in GE ……..

  10. ******oto85 Says:

    they choice that way because it will make the owner give up GE forever….
    which they success doing it…..

    (BTW: you block my email =.= , and now i have to use another one ….)

  11. Rococo Says:

    Just to update, Spartan is now under the control of another person.

  12. Orcalia Says:

    Well somehow, the topic still hot in GE official forum. Someone just keep bumping it… oh well…. the real thing that pist me off is when you actually did something really wrong, although you personally think it was ok, but the worst thing is that you wanna be proud of what you did.

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