Dominion Bugged Faction?

I just read through this morning on a very interesting issue revolve around Dominion Faction (Cervertes Server). The topic start of with strong evidence on one of the dominion members who bots (Ice2), I believe. But when I read on, the topic somehow turn on to the bugging of HB and Vergo? Now that’s interesting!


After reading the whole thread, what I felt is that there is minority of people out there keep stressing and pushing Dominion to the edge, claiming them the bots or bugs exploiter! They can come out with all sort of their so called theories, to bring the faction reputation down! But from mine point of view, hell what they heck does this had to do with you. People can goes to the extend to keep shouting and shouting till the accusation turn into serious flaming! Is like you see your neighbour taking an underwears from your other neighbour house and you put up your microphone and tell all other single neighbours from 5 km away your home about this matter! Did you even check if he is stealing? Don’t you think the best way is to report the situation to the authority?

If any of their members are botter which spotted by you, just go and report them! If you see them purposely trying to bug the boss, just take some screenshot or video and report them! Let IAH take charge to investigate the matter. Why keep bashing them in forum, and along the way, accusing them to be botter faction! Is like you mother brother son wife sister friend was a loser, and your whole bunch of related people are losers! Is freaking unfair!

So stop the whining, and do the right thing as a responsible gamer! Bashing other people faction on their act eventhou their leader had come out to clarified clearly the situation, won’t made you a hero!

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6 Comments on “Dominion Bugged Faction?”

  1. Rococo Says:

    Fully agreed. although i was too busily laughing at both that thread and the one about pachelle. Both thread have become very very personal.

    If you observed carefully, the people who accuse are from chocoporing ( formerly yakisoba) and repknights. and always the same few people. And they keep repeating the same points over and over again even though it was already answered for in the second page of the thread. I also find it very hilarious that they accuse other people of changing the topic when they are the ones who keep focusing on the so-called exploit.

    Also, this is also the second time that yakisoba/chocoporing has openly accused dominion. To view it, please use search function in forum or visit their old blog.

    Having said that, I believed that all botters should be banned. death to all botter!

  2. Orcalia Says:

    Haha, yah is hilarious how people would go such long extend to keep flaming and flaming, and Lezard took a great step of giving clarification and disappear just after.
    Is pointless to speak with dog, they won’t reply you in normal way, they just keep barking till they are tired 🙂
    Btw, if anyone interested to follow the conversation, click the link below!

  3. Lothlorien Says:

    Hi there 🙂

    I love the poster, it is totally hilarious!

    I read with interest your take on the matter. It has become tiring for us as a faction to respond to these kind of wild accusations, when all we want to do is to have a bit of fun in midst of our crazy life. Gaming is suppose to be fun, but lately it has been all but that. 😉

  4. Leoz Says:

    XD i love the poster too.

    Anyway, i had to agree with u & loth. Instead of complaining etc etc etc in that thread, i wish they go report to iah.

  5. famiglia (cathy) Says:

    LOL. Thumbs up for the post.

    haillllllll thy postttttttt.

  6. gyl Says:

    lol.. there are things like that that happens in other server too! Though there are truths on what some would say about certain factions ^^

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