The Flames Continue

If the heated flaming war was not enough for Dominion, we can move on to the next episode of flaming war over the Pach server! The Saga of two undead faction, Des and Celestial prolong till almost 31 pages, talking about real flamer and spammer here!

Its all started with the single entiti of botters. After reading through the whole topic, I think most people still not too sure which is the botter faction so far. However, lot of people choose to ignore it cause smart gamers would go through the simple logical act as in “What the heck does this have to do with me?” Only minor players from the respective faction go on barking each other face to face!

Imagine you mother asking who want the bigger peice of the cake, and two idiots spoil brat take turn shouting at each other “Me!”, “Me!””Me!”,”Me!”,”Me!”,”Me!”,”Me!”,”Me!” over and over and over again.

So any winner for the day? IAH step in just before they manage to drag into page 32, to confirm that they will look into the matter. Oh well so much for the dramas, the theories, the statistic, the fact and the proof! But it does make mine day for the fun tuning of the flaming war and facts.

Few worth mention content from the flaming war :
1) The Micro keyboard promoted by IAH from microsoft, was it illegal?
2) The poor Jack, you can’t just build thing nicely, or you will be flame as botter!
3) If you had a bad day and wish for some good laugh, read this topic start from page 21. Its start to go far from the topic and players start to put in move humor!

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11 Comments on “The Flames Continue”

  1. gyl Says:

    It’s “Destroth” btw.. haha I really didn’t bother reading after the first page ~_~

    Really bothersome for me. XD

  2. Orcalia Says:

    Woot, made this in the middle of the night! Must had been too blur… lol….
    Oh well… is not worth the read, is just people flaming each other for botting in a nut shell… but some of the so called fact? Is kinda hilarious 🙂

  3. anythinq Says:

    i know! blame IAH for taking in ms keyboard. all IAH’s fault >:D

  4. lunawingz Says:

    Haha, good point ^^ as they say, empty pots make the most noise. Wait.. since I was one of the ones barking on the post, T_T I’m an empty pot myself. XD

    Nice post anyway 🙂

  5. Katsumoto85 Says:

    in my opinion destroth and celestial are both botter faction , what make the difference is “DESTROTH” was once a BOTTER faction . althought they change now but do it really make any diefference ????

  6. Cortillion Says:

    Katsumoto85 dude, you have any evidence to back up your claims? seems to me that theres plenty to back up Celestial Botting. Stop being an idoit and starting another flame war. You have evident you post and the VPs wilk kick the botters. No evidence then refrain from such nonscence

  7. Orcalia Says:

    Wow fire started in my blog already….
    Like i had said, do the right thing as a responsible gamers.
    We are here to enjoy the game and let the developer handle any fishy situation.
    We can all waste the little time of us keep argueing and defending what we believes, but the actual fact is, we should be on doing something which made our time worth while. 🙂

  8. ND Says:

    lol.. the bots will own even more when the family name changing thingy come to work.
    Those xyx, jgasc, asfaf bots will start changing into a normal family name n rules :p

  9. Linoan Says:

    LOL I wonder when will the march of the machines will come.
    I wonder if we can win againts it.

    Imagine, all botter unite and wrote a CW script!!!

  10. ******oto85 Says:

    hahahaha EXBOTTER still a botter you can deny that….
    but how many people will admit they bot before ????

    when GEc**zy is still free , i everyone bot……

  11. ND Says:

    ******oto85, what is there to do with bot and GE is free? Those bots are still running since GE got into this cash shop system. So is there any difference before and after they run the system??

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