Another week of war, same map layout.

Needless to say, the colony war was indeed more or less the same like everyweek. Anyhow, glad to hear that there are real actions over Caravaggio with great fight and twist! It’s seem to be a much balance server. EliteVietNam own Vivaldi? That pretty odd, since they are crowned the hacking faction, they manage to made a come back? Cervantes seem to lose all the news, or momentum after the departure of yakisoba? No news from Pach so far. Sadly, Carracci map doesn’t change a bit after 3 weeks in a row, since the reset of the colony!

Is pretty sad that the strong faction continue to become stronger and stronger each week, with constant hp boost for raids and leveling, in the other hand, weaker or even slightly weaker faction ( or alliances or side ) will get weaker and weaker each week due to members transfer factor to stronger faction.

Lot might no agree on this, and most just accuse that the weaker faction get weaker cause of the faction or the side own problems. But we can’t deny that the game concept had indeed been least unfair to the late comer where the dominating team or faction or alliance or side will keep dominating the server for a very long time.

Simple explaination, your faction or alliance got the max hp boost, you guys do raid easily and manage to get loots or stronger loot easily, leveling after veteran will be easy too at higher level place, not to mention hunting the stronger mini bosses. Then uber items are on your side in a ratio more than the weaker side. People like power and fun, they always lost in the weaker side, they switch to stronger side which support the stronger get stronger concept.

Only few who think is much more fun playing as an underdog, believe there is always a hope, or else there is still more fun to fight bigger faction than just sticking with the ultimate ones. Anyhow, nothing much we can do perhap, the systems are all set, Kge and Jge all run the exact same system, and things get well there (or players do complaint before, just that nothing much can be done about it). So we might need to stick with it for a very long time. Till we see map changed in Carracci, let’s just do our best.

Note: We don’t hate the strong ones, we don’t envy your power or wealth, we just felt that the systems and the colony war concept kinda sux, and please fix the damn chat lag!

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15 Comments on “Another week of war, same map layout.”

  1. Zyg Says:

    I agree with you 100% on the Strong get stronger concept.. unfortunately it is present in every game.. It has always been a race to the top and the 1st ones on top usually ends up monopolizing for a while. I think there’s always been a barrier separating the more hardcore players from the casual players.. It really is the game concept’s fault imo.

    on another note, I luv your blog really fun xD keep em coming

  2. Linoan Says:

    Cool blog.

    Yes yes, I’m also about to quit the game sooner or later. The replayability of the game is low, even though the world is great.

  3. Rococo Says:

    I like being an underdog and am currently enjoying it XD. But yah, GE is getting boring. zzz

  4. Orcalia Says:

    Well is fun being in the stronger faction thou.. as far as I am concern, most of my friends who switch over said they having fun with the raids, and is an exciting experience! But not much hope from the weaker side factions, cause they monopolizing it.

    They claim they are not, but they are, cause they think they are the only one capable of doing it, or maybe its also true that they are the only ones capable doing it? With the Hp buff? Oh well….. restore some balance please!

  5. gyl Says:

    I’ve been ranting about the same thing lol… just pray that they fight amongst themselves and wait for them to self destruct.. lol XD

  6. Remora Says:

    That is so true in Carracci, My Faction ReUnion asked Godlike if we could possiblly try 1 Diablo , Godlike’s Ferdinande outrigth rejected our request. Since Diablo is now the sole property of GL DT and CD, otehr smaller Fac cannot even bite a piece of the pie.

  7. Orcalia Says:

    Well remora, exact same thing happen here, we camped the diablo whole morning, and just as the time came, Destiny move in and oppose us from doing it, since they said it was their turn to do it. I mean what turn? We are not even aware of any turn basic policy around here, then when is our turn? When is other factions turn? Didn’t they include us? DO we need to apply for it? To whom? To IAH? or to the strong faction?

    Gosh….. sad but true ….

  8. Death Says:

    noting much can be done..
    big faction .. will take over the map..
    there is unlike.. 2 big faction.. war each others.. is like 2 big faction.. killing the tiny one… ==”

    how nice if the game like GL vs DT so hope to see the day that GL vs DT

  9. Remora Says:

    Yeah Carracci’s f–ked up Every Raid boss is controlled by CD DT GL

    From Gerroro, Diablo, even HellBreaker and Avealanch Appartise

    IGN Remora FL of ReUnion.

    (and yes I was the one who soloed FQ52) ^^y

  10. ND Says:

    Get an army and ks :p

  11. SamuraiKiller Says:

    The answer is: WAR! 24/7 PVP. But will there be any faction(s) with enough guts to face the Royalist Alliance? You can whine, complain, cry, whatever, but waiting for IAHGames’ intervention will not take you or your faction anywhere.
    DT, GL and CD are big factions. They have to attend to 60-100 families’ interest each. I doubt they want to address to tiny factions (or 1-man faction for the matter).

  12. Orcalia Says:

    Well they don’t have to, and i never say they do. They are great respected faction, and i recon on that. Is just that, something is not right about the system, which direct or indirectly support the stronger get more and more stronger! I know is a norm in every mmorpg, but GE might be exceptional in the sense that its deal a great impact to other smaller faction.

    Oh well, really we or most of us are not whining or stuff, we are just trying to express our opinion over the matter. Never take games so seriously, game are suppose to be fun 🙂

  13. SamuraiKiller Says:

    War would be fun actually. GL still seems to be at war with nX-LUNAR (although this faction is almost dead and looks like the leader Vialu was banned).
    Guess most players are afraid of declaring war outside CW because they won’t be able to AFK… CD already declared war once against Renaissance and Invictus(?) and they seemed pretty fine. GL members seem fine right now. War is like turning Carraci into a PVP server without deleveling~!

  14. Orcalia Says:

    Guess what samurai, we plan to do some interesting war declaration too, outside CW, but there is numbers of members rushing for vet, and when we take more members, they too, rushing for vet, so we really had no choice as to declare war for fun 😦

    Oh well…. that the situation we need to get use to…

  15. lunawingz Says:

    Although Yakisoba dropped out of the map and Dominion and Fenrir took out. There are newer alliances like Fukkatsu who have participated in an interesting cw this week =x Plus 3 other non-alliance factions have gained colonies. Orb, Anonymous and Vradical. 😀 who says the underdog never wins.

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