IAH finally reply! Hail to 2.4

First Note : IMC have implemented a new anti-bot system in Korean GE v2.4 service. The system enable the legit gamers to alert the system about a suspected botter. The system will then monitor the alleged offender for illegal usage patterns and packets (of course, these details will not be shared for obvious reasons) If the offender is suspected to be botting by the system, a “graphical response” image will be shown to the offender and he has to manually key in the letters shown in the image. This will make the botting an highly hard-to-do affair. The system is currently under-going further testing with the kGE system and will most likely be implemented for our service by the time we enter into v2.4. We are currently targeting year end to launch v2.4 for our game service. To prevent bots developers from exploiting the system, details on the finalized system for our service will only be released upon implementation.
As far as i can see, this is the hope for mankind survival in GE. We hope that the solution will save GE and restore real flesh life in GE again, instead of walking robotic zombies! But its came around the end of this year, which is around 3 months later, so how bad the economy might goes, will be unknown. But still hail to 2.4!

Second Note : On another of our anti-botting initiative, we are in the midst of deploying a full-time anti-botting team in a regional country. This team will focus mainly on combating botters. The team is expected to start operation by the mid of October.
With this note, it’s seem much more profesional than getting the Ninjas or what so ever they called it. We will see how this anti-botting campaign goes around mid of Oct! I will definetely keep this on my PDA noted! Again hail to the ABT (Anti-Botting Team)

Third Note : We have also been actively banning bot offenders at the count of around 200 per day. Doing so have required the full deployment of our existing game support team. Of course, we are looking at pushing this figures to another high.
200 in every server or all server together? Well anyhow, bots are still there, look around some of the bots kingdom, Rion? Porto? Oh well, so much for the banning, is not an easy task! But if there is already an initial steps taken, we hail your effort! Hope to see more positive result soon! 

Fourth Note : Having explained these measures that we are embarking on, we would still like to reiterate on how you can also play a part in making GE a “cleaner” world. We have identified several of these botters as vis and item farmers who have been doing this as a profiteering business. Our advice is that the a very good way to stop them from continuing to abuse the system is to stop the demand from the buyers. Do not buy “vis” or “items” using real money. Doing so will only fuel the economy and prompt them to heighten the supply. (i.e. more botters!)
Well curse those who buy vis illegally. They are just too stupid and idiot to see, when they buy 100mil vis from a vis seller, then bought an uber equipments with 100mil vis from the vis seller again, and then start playing with lifeless bots, commanded by the vis seller. Then vis seller resell the 100mil vis and keep their business running and running, converting the virtual money into real cash! “Yah i got that lvl 100 (+5) armor! Yahoo, now hail me now!!” as the respond would be “…………………………..”, stop talking to the wall moron! wall won’t respond to you!

Fifth Note : Lastly, our silence does not mean that we are not taking any action against the botters. It just mean that we are watching them and planning our move. Stay with us. We are also on a look-out for high level players who have apparently been botting too. (Treasure your account and characters, do not bot!)
Well, silent killed, so sometimes, you might want to show off some great achievement of yours in battling the botters, or have you? Anyhow, we take this word as a confirm act of justice, you can hide the trace from your forum, but not from my blog! We will mark this as the statement of determination, and see all the progress from here-on! Nevertheless, hail to MeePokTah!!

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9 Comments on “IAH finally reply! Hail to 2.4”

  1. gyl Says:

    I dunno but i got this gut feel that something isn’t right ~_~

  2. ******oto85 Says:

    IAH make alot of promises to us gamer but not many they keep up with their words…..
    hope with the new version at least i dont get KS by bot again…

  3. anythinq Says:

    white lie

  4. Orcalia Says:

    Well we all just hope for the best…..
    No point they lie, and is not that we are going to believe too….
    But at least they finally speak lol

  5. ND Says:

    lol i wonder what will happen after 3 months.. maybe they will be putting up a new statement saying they found the Anti Bot System a lil unstable and were unable to be put on use yet.. and they will keep us the players inform of the progress.. and another promise to get the Anti Bot System running in the coming patch again !!

  6. Remora Says:

    I just wonder how logn will this last.

    I’m scared, I know these programmers for bot programns arnt dumb, they will always find a way to “counter”. Lets just hope it delays them long enough.

  7. Orcalia Says:

    Well, for me, bots are the worst thing to control in every mmorpg. The only best way comes from the players themselves, for not buying any vis. To knock them up buying the vis just made you lose more.

    Oh well, we should see…. my real concern now is normal started to bot like those vis farmer. 😦

  8. Linoan Says:

    Another, Post WELL DONE for Orcalia.
    Very insightful commentaries

    I wonder if this,

    “Hello please type the image you see right now”
    WOULD BE a problem for bot programmers


    WOULD BE troublesome for grinding normal players.

    an OH COME ON!!!

    try this, how many shouts/minutes does a vis seller have before actually being silent?

    Imagine vis sellers shouting right on their face, and yet would take about quite a time before the shouting stops

    LOL anyway ALL HAIL 2.4

  9. dugo Says:

    bot’s r undead!!

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