More Info please IAH!

Once again, thank for the caring players who always bought the truth out from the game, especially its involve real cash transaction. As most people believes, maybe 70%-80% of them, 20 Enhancement booster (cost about 11,000Gpoints) actually enhance your items to +5 with 100% successful rate.


Damn! To those who haven’t know it, using 20 Enhancement booster WON’T get you to +5 with 100% successful rate. Hrin did mention is her blog that the success rate was by her testing. But even so, the big tables seem to had distract all the little details, wasn’t it? It stated so clearly there 100% successful rate if you use 20 EB! But still, this is not the whole point! My point is clear, if you are selling something, no matter how much it cost, make clear of your product, especially virtual product. Same goes to the Forgotten Territory Pass, if you look closely to the product, it’s doesn’t mention that it will still be running after used even if there is a maintenance or downtime!

The matter is not about being scam or unfair, is about the seller providing the exact and sufficient information so that we as customer may puchase the right products. Was it so hard to create the details and accurate datas for the each of the virtual product you are selling? Let me demonstrate a simple example:


So if they are not following the correct procedure in selling the virtual items, they are not following the law as stated in the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act under note number 4 as follows:

Meaning of unfair practice
4.   It is an unfair practice for a supplier, in relation to a consumer transaction
(a) to do or say anything, or omit to do or say anything, if as a result a consumer might reasonably be deceived or misled
(b) to make a false claim;
(c) to take advantage of a consumer if the supplier knows or ought reasonably to know that the consumer —
     (i) is not in a position to protect his own interests; or
     (ii) is not reasonably able to understand the character, nature, language or effect of the transaction or any matter related to the transaction; or
(d) without limiting the generality of paragraphs (a) to (c), to do anything specified in the Second Schedule.

So please improve the visibility of your products, so that there is not conflict and unfairness between every transaction! Make the game clean, especially from your part.

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14 Comments on “More Info please IAH!”

  1. gyl Says:

    OMG! Seeing that damned forgotten pass makes my blood boil ~_~

    It’s like the worst investment i made in my entire life !

  2. Remora Says:

    Elite recipie : 80million vis

    Items needed for Recipie : 50 million vis

    20 EBoosters : 11,00 Gpoints

    Using 20 EBoosters thinkign its 100% Sucess to +5 but it breaks : PRICELESS

    Its sad and I thought it was 100% sucess rate…. now I’m so scared to press for my Elite Alagrais 3DR…..

  3. Orcalia Says:

    You better don’t remora…..
    Is just too risky…. 😦

  4. WHAT THE F! Says:

    wtf!? was that english!?
    i stopped reading your blog after the first sentence.
    yes, ppl have the freedom to express their thoughts on the internet thru blogs, etc.
    but please! please be considerate of this thing called grammar, coz it’s really annoying to read something difficult or can’ t even understand at all!

  5. Orcalia Says:

    Whoever you are, i never admit that i am a scholar or English expert or something. And I do admit i speak broken English too, but up to certain extend that most people might be able to understand.

    I never check mine grammers or spelling thou, so might made mistake too, if you cannot accept such simple sentences (I know some people are serious about the language, just like my pass 10 years ago English teacher), looks else where. 🙂

    Happy day to you “WHAT THE F!” and hope you find something else worth reading 🙂

  6. Lothlorien Says:

    Hmm, if i am not wrong, using boosters to do a +5 give 100% success rate. But instead of using 20 boosters, you have to check individual items for the number of boosters needed.

    The second button (with that double up arrows) upon clicking, will give you the maximum number of boosters needed to get 200% (100% success). If you do not have enough boosters in your inventory, you might not get 200%, which indicate that you need more boosters. I have +5 all my items this way, and so far, it works perfectly for me.

  7. Orcalia Says:

    Er.. sadly to say, not for now…
    Check it out.. and i already got friends experiencing the same thing 😦
    Although it was like hitting a lottery…. but still 11,000Gpoint kinda painful, could had watched 3 mivies with those money in cinema lol

  8. Remora Says:

    Although 11,000 gpoints is alot, but not as “expensive” as losing a Lv84 Elite to +5 + 20 Booster and breaking.

    Its so sad…….. I cry for you guys

  9. Death Says:

    Bull shit, first of all, remora.. so sad.. that u broke your elite… T.T
    secondly.. brother/sister “WHAT THE F!” u really a Fer lol…
    thirdy.. after read this blog.. i still duno wana +5 my uni 92 sword or not.. T_T

  10. Death Says:

    one more thing…. er……. … Orc~ this link is unreachable… perhaps they delete off??

  11. Orcalia Says:

    Err.. death, still can be reach for me lol…
    try click a few time? lol
    the forum seem to have problem today..

  12. Linoan Says:


    This blog is like the voice of the players!
    with spice on it

    @WHAT THE F: go away! you cannot find another intelligent blog such as this

    For the boosters, tsk… the The department of trade and Industry would be really interested.

    I wonder if HRIN responds to your blog posts
    you see, i loved the last post of

    “The Hrin who kept silent”

    LOL more power!

  13. anythinq Says:

    @WHAT THE F: <— is a GM?

  14. Orcalia Says:

    Thank for supporting…
    Is just annoy me when i ask for a coffee, and they give me a cup of tea instead… and ask us to bare with it, cause they only got tea. 😦

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