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Top 10 Stresses in GE (Continue)

October 28, 2007

Ok there come the top finalist with 5 factors of stressful life in GE, a more serious case for us to look upon and think for ourselves.


No 5 : Boss hunt Ksing
Different from mobs levelling ksing, this is another issue which lead much to Carracci drama! Ksing is normal but with much competition around, its provoke lot of hatred against players other than their own faction or alliance. Cursing would be the first to come, and dunno how people get racism about it too, then complaining in forum is the follow-up job! Boredom of waiting and frustration of not getting a single loots after 6 hours camping might cause lot of health problem.


No 4 : Grinding neverending!
This is normal to all mmorpg! But with so many Rnpc? Grinding over and over is part of GE life, you log in, you afk (still grind), or you stay active killing every mobs spawned, over and over again. Boredom? The worst to come, grind is bad for health! Even a dozen of red bull won’t help if you plan to chiong level (Rushing level)! And the worst thing, frustrated when you find veteran is nothing but boredom, with maps you can hardly survive (unless you chiong other character again and get the right combo), with boss who got ks like hell, with CW which played in matrix style (Lag). Finally, all you realize you can do is farm and farm. Farm won’t guarantee you any loots but time and effort are all consumed!


No 3 : The Laggin Colony war
Well, we do not need to explain much about this, an unusual lag during the CW, which might even cause dc and freeze of your PC. When you play dota, and you get 1 sec delay, you already can’t farm properly to get last hit, what with CW which lag like hell, you can’t even cast any spells and move around. This is one which really rise your blood pressure every wonderful sunday evening (while you should be having a happy family gathering), then become frustrated giving up CW, or worst, spending more to get better accessories to upgrade your pc, just for the CW, or just to own back that particular sucker who once called you “Noobs lagger, free kill, wakakakaka!!!”. But that’s not the most serious part, wait when the lag and ego drive you to the edge, you miss one part of the excited game feature of the game when you skip the CW, good for you for a better lifestyle, sorry for IAH.


No 2 : No drops stress
OMG, this is serious, you know what happen when you got no drop? What happen when all the drops you saw are just normal loots? No items? No equipments? No wonder you got so less stress playing diablo 2, (unless you play in nightmare or hell mode), kill a few mobs already drops you some equipments, crap but still equipment! The excitement is on, to keep guessing “Wow is that a unique? Is that a rare? Is that a set items?”. Try grind at Valley for whole day and see how its feel? Frustration? Helpless? Wasting time?


No 1 : Veteran Level up?
Are you kidding me? Look at the frustration of the veteran level? 0.0000%? How many decimel do we need here? How much you need to get 1 level up? Was this a jokes to fool those hard work of getting to veteran? Not to mention the money we need to spent on the scroll? I don’t believe there is actually no people complaining about this one. Is like getting the correct girls for your life, but end up she is actually a MAN. This is where, GE getting bored, frustrated and pointless. Till when we can get to expert? Even a few hundred dozen of RedBull won’t going to help at all!

(Again, all the above are just plain stupid jokes, so don’t ever took it seriously! Thank you)


Top 10 Stresses in GE

October 24, 2007

I had read about a stressful life in GE. They claim playing GE was very stressful. So, what got into this issue here? Why do we find playing GE so stressful? Wasn’t gaming suppose to be fun and excited? The point is, what is fun and excited to you? Sometimes, it could be stressful, but is fun! And the end excitement that you get, priceless. But some other don’t find it that way, they like thing to run more simply and easy.


But there is some point which really made GE stressful. No doubt, I believe, this is what people been complaining. LifeinGE bought to you, the top 10 most stressful thing when playing GE.


No 10 : The Kser
Well this issue usually happen in non-pk server, either a family pop up from no way and took your place, then worst, over kill the mobs spawn than you. Patient players, they simply ask them to leave, but players who can’t stand the harrasment, cursing in public would be the first thing to come, then broading in public of the asshole, then lastly cursing again toward the monitor. Conflict become much bigger when people use spinelle to solve matter.


No 9 : The De-Levelling
Thank IAH for making this illegal, back to old days when this happen to you, you might lock yourself in the room, having no appetite to eat at all, cry unreasonably and feeling frustrated. More serious case is to say bye bye to GE once and for all! Talking about gaming stress.


No 8 : The Botters
The real threat this botters give is the inflation! Imagine you plan on your saving to buy that items for 10 mils. Hurray, after 1 week of saving, you got the cash but the item rise up to 20 mils now… okok is ok, I can still save one more week to get my hand on it. Another week pass, and just as you scroll around the market, and now the item reached 30 mils, cursing is the most usual sign you will do, other than feeling frustrated, but more serious case is when the players start looking up onto those botting site or vis seller site. Is going to be the end of GE if the player start to think that if you can’t beat them, join them!


No 7 : The Hacker
Woot, this is one thing that really didnt bother you, cause this hacker are born to be banned in life. Anyhow, when you got own by them, especially in PK server, its become a serious problem. +8 to +10 equipments? How to beat? You pay so much gpoint to upgrade, they just hack it out. Cursing is the normal sign, follow by mass announcing of the particular players through broading or forums! Stress Stress Stress!!!!


No 6: The Lagness.
Well, its been a well known issue that you usually lost at least 3-4 mouses or keyboards a years cause of too much aggressive banging during game lagging, in our case GE lagging. Other signs that you might discover is frequent change in mouse pad, frequent pulling and repluging of your modem cord, frequent resetting your modem, regular checking on the local broadband services status and being picky on the local login IP. More severe health problem, mentality becoming more aggresive, usually yeilding without much reason toward the non-replying monitor, or toward the storm or raining sky. Much serious case would be spamming on official GE forum! So take note before it’s too late.

Stay tune for next post of the rest of the top 10 stressful life in GE!
(Everything above are just fiction and jokes, so don’t take it seriously!)

CW excitement rise again in Carracci!

October 22, 2007

Once a week colony war just over and it’s been an exciting week. Sorry bout other server cause I really got limited info from it, but for Carracci, its been a blasting CW ever, since the launch of commercial GE. The changes is more severe now, and we saw the Republican is rising, with more and more colony everyweeks. Mercenaries faction arise to aid the alliance, which mostly wish to know what they got to offer for them (or just plain colony ownership?) Anyhow, injecting some new faces surely boost up the excitement! If you wanted to know more about the war, you can all read it here.

The plan was interesting, at least on the republican side. Decoy attack on few colony at the beginning of the hours, Diegos scatter around to solo hit any colony which is not guarded. And only with the last minutes strike guarantee a colony for each of the faction who participate in the planning! It was really an intense war, and Carracci is once again being lighten up with more people looking forward for the coming Sunday!


Just really one question which really get into me, does Godlike getting less people playing in CW? or lot of their players quited to play other games? Destiny seem to remain as strong as ever, but still….. Crusader seem to be quiet all of the sudden!

Anyway, great war, and looking forward for the coming war. Not to be forgotten, congrat to all factions who got themselves colonies for this week, same to those from other server as well.

Diablo Shouting for Help!

October 17, 2007

Ever wonder how a boss raid is being done? In Granado Espada, do we see any weakness in the raiding system? In GE, do we raid for the fun? for the the pleasure? or the teamwork? for the gameplay? for the roleplaying? or as what happening now, simply for the sake of the damn loots!

Does boss raiding already lost it purpose? What its meant for doing boss raid? How is the current situation of boss raiding in your server now? Ever wonder how an ideal boss raid would be, which satisfied everyone who participate? Here you go :


Now compare to what really happen now in GE, do you call this a boss raid? Or more like a slaughtering ground? For example, Diablo. You can now just pull off that warning board (Which you read about how scary the demonic beast would be), and hit back to that Ferruccio Expedition Explorer and tell him to just fark off for putting the warning sign. It would be better to write “Show mercy to the poor beast” and I would go like “Runn…. run….. Diablo… run for your life!!”. It doesn’t even stay alive for 5 sec for god sake!

You don’t need a plan, you don’t need strategy, you don’t need to be organize, you don’t even need to cast a single spell (cause is helpless). And we call this the boss raid in GE. SO much for the raid feature in GE.

They finally strike back!

October 16, 2007

OK guys, sorry for the late reply, and now, report from last week war. Lot had change and congrat to the resistance force from Carracci for changing the damn boring map for the first time after 6th continuous weeks of Royalist domination! Congrat too, to any other faction out there from other server who had got their own colony! It’s been an exciting week.

Destroth still owning the Pach server, but I truely believe the action was still strong. With the slowing down of Dominion, whose players mostly went to play PW, at least, that is what i heard? Now Cervertes are mainly monopilize by Iluminati and Fenrir, guess the server won’t be boring with dominion exit. As usual Caravaggio big named consist of AdeptasFraternas, Ethereal and ReBorn and for this week, with Reborn disbanding too, hope the action still on for Caravaggio. Carebear forever over Vivaldi, but the action is still pretty good, so with action around, there is no worried at all.

Had I miss any server, oh yah my damn dramatic Carracci server. It was a come back from the republican side. Lot people think that the republican was just damn lucky to get the colony with the last mins owning of the colony. Oh well, least people know the real plan behind it. Let see how lucky do we get eventually….


First, all republican were making a decoy attack on Godlike, making them believe that it was an all godlike attacking for this week. Taking over Celesta was great to pull Destiny over to ally them and bring the republican down. There is still 1/2 an hour to go before the republican execute the real plans so most republican then rush into Tres to make another decoy attack on Godlike, just to burn another 15 mins before they go for the real big blow! Just when 15 mins left before the end of the CW, all republicans coordinated their position and launch full attack towards Crusader colonies. The initial plan is to reduce or totally wipe off Crusader from the map. It was an impossible mission last week, but with well coordination and planning, together with all participate effort, the republican made it happen this week. With an all out surprise attack, Invictus and Chevalier go for Scorching, BH soloing Bonavista,  Coalescence and NoSuch go for Fluvial and Renaissance and Covenant go for Dos. Time is ticking, Renaissance almost got Dos but the defending teams is pretty strong there, and it seem that royalist choose to bombard BH at Bonavista, and eventually own back the colony, before the war end.

Anyhow, at least the map changed after so long of the domination! Best of luck for defending next week!

Say NO to De-Levelling!

October 11, 2007

Thank you IAH for helping to solve the De-level issue. In my opinion, Only sick people go and simply de-level people. Was it so fun to really de-level people? What so fun about it? This is mindless act! Yah right, we all tired of hearing “If you don’t want to get de-level, don’t afk!”. So? Where your point? You haven’t told us who give you the right to de-level. Play in carebear server? You miss the part where carebear server won’t lose experience when you die, and you can’t simply baron people. Pk server is when you can actually cut of other people training opportunity, if you can spot them. Not totally bashing their level to zero. How would people feel about it? After all the effort? After everything they had achieve?

If you go poo poo and suddenly you stuck in the toilet bowl and get yourself killed, then we all can use the phrase “See, who ask you to poo poo?”. If someone backstab you while you Poo Poo, and killed you, you still use the same phrase? Go logical yet people just try to twist the fact around.

All I can say, stop those stupid de-leveling, and time to wake up! The point is not about people should switch to carebear server if they whine! The point is not about people should quit if they whine! The point is not about people are noobs if they whine! Is about who give you the right to de-level ( or minus other players effort ) when you don’t even got the right to do so. Sure the damn pc’s, keyboards, mouse and monitors are yours! You can do what ever you want! But its doesn’t mean that with a pair of hand, you can kill anyone you like! Yup, you are having pretty fun huh? We just feel pity for you.

Not Quite Sinking yet….

October 9, 2007

You will never get bored in Carracci, or you get really bored with it! With the third installment of the Sinking Carracci, the franchising goes on to promote or rather condemn the server to another higher level now. It’s going to beat “Titanic” as one of the blockbuster series of all time in this summer!


First Installment mainly focusing in how the bloody opposition force trying to bring the so called honorable Alliance force down with mind games, setting the flame, using the accusation of racism and unbalance raid. Both go equally supported by each representatives, with non-stop arson in the forum, with interesting notes and points. But the end never stop there.


In second Installment, we saw the Alliance made a come back with more screenshot proves, showing the identical arguement on the racism issues, with a little spices of being ks in training ground! The rally just goes on and on, till you see they drag in the last CW where the opposition using bug to commit themselves in the war but hide back after the war. Interestingly, the opposition had always the best excuses or reasons to cover their acts! The Flaming hot arguement continue…..


In the third installment, hopefully the final one or you will beat James Cameron “LOTR” Trilogy, the opposition retaliate back with interesting movies media to show the wrong doing over the Alliance force, which touch mainly on racism and cursing over the other. Fire won’t start if you don’t have the source, so it was both side responsibility. The matter is growing big and the conflict continues.

Sure the arguement won’t stop here, but I think is rather time to wake up. THe mind game is getting out of hand here, and achieving nothing so far. BH still being crowned as the low life, inmatured groups, The Alliance still being refer to the selfish dominant group, and Coal had turn to be some sort of middle scapegoat which somehow faced on the opposition side.

Let’s put it this way :

1) Racism is a serious issue, take the screenshot, report to IAH and wait for respond. If you are darn serious about being curse as whatever country you came from, urge IAH to take action! Is all about respecting one cultural, and country of course.
2) If you had issues with Raid monopolization? Get use to it. The alliance had already monopolize it since the old age, so no point you start to flame and envy on their doing when your groups finally got the capability to raid. And for the Alliance side, the boss had become FFA, everyone had equal chance to raid, no point cursing the opponent of ksing or get angry about it.
3) As for the hatred of Vialu and the whoever gangs of botter they are, log in a ticket to IAH and let them handle the issues. No point keep bring up that he is a botter over and over again, since he is still walking freely around. Get IAH to do the damn job of eliminating botters!
4) If your grinding spot got parked by some ass who doesn’t wish to move cause of personal problems over your factions or alliance, talk to their leader or something, and if their leader doesn’t do anything, just leave the place and find a better one. We are not scare of them, we just do not want to act like a moronic low life players who take personal issue for granted. If the harrasment continues, then is time to log in a report again to IAH to take some serious action, especially people who do the same in a paid area, FT.
5) No… GE is for everyone! As long as they don’t banned your IP, you will have the right to play! Nevermind those who think you can’t play, they are just asshole who doesn’t like to share. Don’t felt mad about them, pity them of who they are.

Calling all Carraccian, is time to rise again, don’t sink yet!