The Royalist done it again!

Well as usual, Monday is war reporting day for yesterday CW. Was pretty glad that there is some action in Caravaggio and Vivaldi. As in other server, either they are too exciting and doesn’t bother to post out the results and discussion, or is just plain boring.

For me, today, is pretty boring to touch about the war cause is either there is mass changes in colony owner or non changes at all. For mass changes, glad you have fun! For no changes, just too bad you got to bare with the same map again this week.

What I wish to address today is one of the interesting issues on boss raid happening in Carracci. I don’t know if this apply or happen in other server, but its somehow, happen in Carracci. The whole issue made all of us wonder, who had the right to do boss raid?

As most of carraccian know, Destiny, Godlike, Cruzzy and their allies had been dominating the carracci for quite sometimes. Well can’t deny, they work pretty hard for this achievement. And to add in, they had also been monopolizing the boss raid for quite sometime too, up until small factions manage to get their hand to try out the boss, only to know that there is actually a rules made up by this so called dominating faction in order to get your turn to raid. Let’s me demonstrate an example.

If you were to raid for Geroro, you must be there before the boss spawn (which most of other faction won’t know except for the big factions alliance, unless you camp for the boss). Then when the time comes which is kinda subjective, you need at least 6 of your faction members to present at the Geroro spawn place, as to book your chance in the run for the boss raid. Once all factions gathered, each participating factions are to start a firework to see whos numbers are the highest, and who ever number is highest, win geroro raid for that round, and to honor than, other factions are not to be interfere or ks.

Interesting rules right? I don’t even know who might had come up with such mini game to get Geroro, but somehow, is pretty funny, but still most smaller faction honor the fair play and obey to that.

Just as smaller faction get to start participate in Diablo, this again so called big faction come into the picture and state that you need to take turns. What the freaking turn are they talking about? Most of the smaller faction (Ally among the republican) were also joining in together to hope for the raid. And most of the repulicans or smaller factions just skip dates and appointment during the weekend, just to try out some stronger boss raid. Somehow, this big daddy of the server came in and told the smaller factions to take their turn? What turn was it anyway? Their alliance turn… oh so can the repulican or any other factions besides their alliance can take part? Yes you can, you just need to register yourself? Oh.. under who then? Under the alliance of course? And to be able or not able to take part, you need all the factions in the alliance approval, then you can raid. If not, you will be known as kser, and the big alliance shall or may not depending on circumstances, war you 24/7 till we are finish with you!


Ok that the real case in Carracci now. The only real thing that the smaller faction ask is a chance to feel one of the game features, and hope that the time of camping with you guys for the boss is worth the effort. But greed and selfishness blind their heart.

From their point of view, they work so hard to be the top, so there is nothing wrong to monopolize the boss. If you want the boss, work for it. Work my ass…. work what? This is a game, boss are for everyone, most people would still agree with the stinking rules of the big factions because they honor the system which provoke fairness. But its doesn’t mean that you guys could had the boss for yourselves or among yourselves when you think you had work hard to be at the top? Is like those smaller faction were not working hard themselves too.

Also from their point of view, they claim is not easy to manage 500 players and the different view in all of them. So? Again, this is a free boss for all, it doesn’t had anything to do with your big army. If you got a rules, the smaller faction are ready to give the courtesy to cordinate with the dominating factions side, but somehow, that is not the case! I always believe we play carracci cause we wanted more peaceful gameplay. As I always say, all different factions are enemies to each other during CW, other than that, everyone are friends!

They challenge anyone to ks them, but to face the consequences. Better don’t talk… cause we all know your mother is a women. And using war as a solution to gain self benefit is just plain greedy!

The Daddies can just claim this is how the real thing works in real world, or how the gameplay might had force them into being in this situation. Yup, the gameplay had definetely turn people into greed mobs. There is always alternative, but the dominant factions had choose the best way for themselves. Yet, they push back all the wrong doing to the smaller faction, who had no right to raid, who are crowned kser, who had played the game with one less features, boss raid. As you can see, smaller faction players are gamers too. And when they play the game, they also wish to get the best out of it. And now, you guys cut most of the smaller factions gamers out from boss raiding?

I think members of other factions whos are not part of the alliance, don’t need to pay IAH to play the game anymore. We just pay this big faction to let the smaller factions to do boss raid, 4400 Gpoint per boss raid? Then what next? Pay them 22,000Gpoint to be able to get 1 colony during war, without their interference?

So people wanted solution? Either everyone take turn as long as they are in the running list for the boss, where everyone would agree, or made ksing to be something normal in carracci. Or just follow the same mini game when camping for geroro?

Well I was just adressing this based on my own opinion, I know lot of people might not agree, or agree totally, but however you wanna think about it, ask yourselves, what if one day, the big bully of your schools come to you and harrass you like hell, and you are not able to complaint about it at all? Talk to your school authority? Talk to IAH? How about your boss come fark you without any reason, and cut off your lunch hour cause he don’t like you to have lunch? Quit the job? Quit GE?

 Stop the god act, although one of your faction is Godlike….. 😦

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14 Comments on “The Royalist done it again!”

  1. anythinq Says:

    when do i get to raid diablo? D:

  2. Banana Says:

    I totally agree with you. Who gave them the right to control the game?

  3. Remora Says:

    Another good Post !! BRAVO you’ve hit the mark !!!

    All they (The Ally) say “You need to talk to us be fore u can raid Boss” bu they didnt say they would ALLOW you to raid.

    They will just say “Oh you wanan raid Diablo? Goto HELL, we aint giving u Diablo”

  4. Remora Says:

    Oh and I just noticed my Fac name in the Poster ROFL , nicely done.

  5. gyl Says:

    lol… i wonder if the game gets any further balancing.. they focus too much on nerfing NPCs

  6. SamuraiKiller Says:

    I think there are many misconceptions going on here… From my point of view at least, every mob, mini-boos or raid boss has always been FFA. The rules on Gerero and turns for Diablo are agreements between the factions of the Royalist Alliance. No one ever said it’s obligatory to stick to these rules as they exist only to keep disputes on loot sharing between them. Also, i don’t think any faction claimed the ownership of boss raids.
    It’s expected that as more families reach lv100 and beyond, the number of factions going for the raids should increase. Applying those rules for the whole server is plain ridiculous. It only works for the Royalist Alliance because they’re 5 factions.
    Now, which faction wouldn’t like to be part of the sweet deal of having to kill a boss without any interference? Now it’s clearly FFA. There’s no such thing as KS. And so far no war.

  7. Orcalia Says:

    Well samuraikiller, i totally agree with you if Destiny would had told us the same thing as the rules was made between the alliance only. They just jump in and told us to take turns and follow rules which we all would mis-taken it as some sort of fair play rules to follow, which we follows. As we follow not because we wanted to but we evaluate and felt if fair to follow those rules, without the ksing tag behind our bag.

    And now, it pretty much everything had turn to become FFA, after the last weekend incident, so is good to point thing out and make thing clear. Or else, we might still be playing the firework trick, not knowing that it was just part of the Alliance rules to control raiding 😦

  8. SamuraiKiller Says:

    Well, Orcalia. I might be mistaken, you know. But I don’t think it’s possible to apply such rules to every faction that wants to do boss raids. The agreement was born between the first factions that started to raid. And I think that’s all. Let’s see how things will turn out from now on.

  9. Orcalia Says:

    Well that pretty true, and as in now, i think most boss will goes FFA for now, hopefully more people get to raid for the fun of it 🙂

  10. SamuraiKiller Says:

    Just a quick update. I just found the thread now. Ferdinand’s statements are the most valid ones on this matter:

  11. Orcalia Says:

    Yup and that is why, most of the other faction who is not in the pact doesnt know of this, they just follow whatever the alliance propose, to have the FW to determine the winner for raid, up until now, when ferdinand told us all that it was part of the alliance rules to control boss raid.

    That is why, I think from todat onward, the boss are pretty much FFA, which is kind affair, so whoever with better luck, got the loots.

    Just that the raiding process for each faction will become a bit of a screw up unless they are very organize. 🙂 But we will just leave this to every individual faction to deal with 🙂

  12. Remora Says:

    If only the design was different. Like Instanted Raids and all this problems wount even arise. But this is how the game is dezzzigned so we all have to play by it.

  13. […] that really amaze me. It is written by Ethan Than of Life In GE. Go read the rest of the entry here. It is quite funny but true. More on IAH bashing and some Serious In-game issues can be tackled in […]

  14. Orcalia Says:

    THank and stay tune for more…

    Remora, i agree to some certain of extend… is fun doing instanted Raids, but its going to get boring after…say 10-20 raids? Being this way, the competition will be more tense, and is much more challenging. People will start with all sort of strategy to defend their peice of pie and not sharing it out. Is more dramatic.

    But i do hope they would also be instant raid so that lower faction could also try to raid, and as to eliminate the boredom after countless raid at the same boss, made the boss become stronger and stronger after each time it was killed could be interesting.

    But anyhow, is all the ingame design… IMC might not see thing through like us 🙂

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