Banned of the day!

Reading the official forum of GE is like reading a newspaper to me every morning. You will never get bored with so much drama, flaming and comments posted by either our loyal or noobs players.

I really wish to slot this next post on the Carracci History drama, is so intense with the whole reveal of Merlion faction downfall and all the politic behind the Royalist side. But I will leave it to next time. Let’s look into Marikaza case, got banned for doing nothing except afking.

Now thousand of bots running freely outside, and they banned a real players (Yeah, I was being bias cause I know a person who is active in forum might had real low chance as a botter, might be wrong but i choose to believe Marikaze). So now that IAH is not only slow in their servicing work implementation, but doing the wrong thing as well?


Imagine this, i left my character afking in forgotten, bought the combat manual and now time ticking, but i can’t play. What else can they do right? They had wrongly banned you, even if they release you back in 1 day, 3 days or 1 week later, it won’t change the fact that some of the time had pass. Is there anyway we can refund the lost? We are demanding to solve the bots issues, not together with the legit players!

To Marikaza, or any other who got banned for no reason, good luck getting the account back! As for those banning squad of IAH, one more wrong doing, and you get your salary cut, 10% for each wrong account banned!

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14 Comments on “Banned of the day!”

  1. Marikaza Says:

    this made my day even though i got banned XD
    your blogs rocks! and funny it made me rolf!

    even though i’m still sadden cause my time and effort and money went poof instantly and accused me as a user of 3rd party program!?

    bots are still around with upgraded version..
    they have nice names now not in some “sdgfasd”

  2. Remora Says:

    Its really sad, I sometimes do this when I am tired from all those fulltime grinding.

    Buff Up > Alt Tab Surf Net / Blog / Forum / work etc etc, only checking back to my char if I hear “Ding” / item drop / char screaming sound or every 10min +/- to rebuff.

    Now after hearing those Innocent Banned cases, I’m so afraid of even Alt Tabbing for too long periods.

    IAH, pls Buck Up.

  3. Orcalia Says:

    Sad to see that Marikaza,
    After all the fuss…. they still think you are a bots?
    Well I am not sure, but definetely, even you are proof innocent, they will only giving back your account in 1 weeks 🙂

    Unless you are veteran, for me, if i am in the middle of grinding to vet, and they banned me for 1 weeks without proper reasoning, i might just quit!

    Anyhow, that just me, Marikaza San, just hold on there, and we hope they fix this issue as soon as possible!

  4. Linoan Says:

    Almost 500 posts cant be a botter. Though for the benefit of the doubt, lets just wait IAH and see what happens. I hope justice is served 🙂

    Also, Does Orcalia supports Vialu? Invictus supports Vialu?
    Vialu the crowned and most popular botter?
    Vialu the ex GL kicked because of botting ^_^
    Just a question,

    Im a casual player and i heard lotsa stuff.
    Politics, king of the botter, royalist tyranny.
    Kinda confusing.

  5. Orcalia Says:

    Well that’s why i said i might be bias 🙂 just my support to Marikaza if he/she is really innocent…

    Any about Vialu.. nope, we never support or deny him thou… not even invictus… we don’t know him as well, like you, we just know he is a real rich guy… and if he is a botter or not, we are really not sure…

    And if you wanted to learn more about these politics, maybe you can surf here

    🙂 Good day

  6. Linoan Says:

    Cool our server history is quite deep.

    I cant wait your next post really. Very excited!

    The Merlion

    The Crusaders

    The GodLike

    The Destiny

    The Arch Villain Vialu (quoted from your link)

    The HoH leaving republicans

  7. Weiss Says:

    O_O! I’m waiting too.

  8. Orcalia Says:

    Congrat Marikaza…
    And I think dessie own you an apologize for accusing you 🙂

    Weiss… waiting for?…..

  9. Remora Says:

    Grats Mari, the innocent lives on !!!

    I’m waiting like Weiss too. ^^

    and and you can put us smaller factions into the limelight @.@

  10. Weiss Says:

    Waiting to hear your version on the Caracci Royalist Alliance drama and see the movie poster you’ve made for it. XD

  11. Orcalia Says:

    Drafting…. drafting…..
    (-_- “)

  12. Weiss Says:

    ganbare.. lol !! Orcalia

  13. Linoan Says:

    Me too! I cant wait LOL

    Taihen desu ne?

    I cant wait ^__^

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