Colony War Alive!

Time for the grand vote guys! Is time to vote if you want the end game Colony war features to be reset every 1 month? (Hrin said if they really implement the resetting of colony, is going to be ONE month). So what do you all think about it?

Know mine opinion? First of all, what if they reset? What will going to happen? Well based on my opinion (personal one, so you don’t have to take it seriously), it just doesn’t made any sense. 1 month, then reset? I was actually thinking of weekly reset lol! I know, I know, stop your cursing over my ass…. I might not be serious, but that how I think about it.

What is the purpose for you to fight for the colony? For the fun? For the buff? For the excitement? What ever the reason is, as long as you participate, you get the chance to have the above mentioned. You got 2 hours for CW, it’s doesn’t take more than 15 mins to break and own a colony, and depending on how many your faction had planned, you still got lot of time to own more. And of course the chance to defence as well, when those, who haven’t own any colony come over. So within the 2 hour, you get to enjoy the attacking, the defending, the excitement, the thrust of your master plan, all within 2 hours in a weekly basic! After that? 1 week of buff for your hard work! Wasn’t that enough to compensate the team effort? Won’t this promote more excitement in the game as in the colony war?

Then 1 hours before the war, everything will be reset, and war begin again. Another week of excitement for everyone, even for the weaker faction with only around 10-20 person. No more hp buff advantages. You don’t even need the buff, HP buff already meant for the winning faction for the week, and ease their way for raiding purpose or continuous war. For me, CW should be fair and square! Everyone should had equal chance to participate. Equipments and item will make a different, and that already been accumulated from the ease of Raid you got for the week of time if your faction happen to get the most hp buff out from last week CW! And somehow, its balance thing out too!


The strategy should keep running everyweek, with different tactics and tricks! Everyone get to join in the fun, rather than passive respond. Its gives a whole new strategic gameplay into the game, rather than attack and defence every week. Worst, if dominating faction keep getting the large peice of pie, is going to be forever defending and forever attacking!

Hey, don’t flame me so early. Let’s make some imaginary case. I’ll take carracci as an example, cause I played in that server. (Might be bias so again, please don’t flame me). As usual Destiny, Godlike, Crusader and their affiliates will start planning which colony to own for the week, as in mutual agreement not to interfere each other. The republicans which consist of many smaller faction will start grouping too, to get their own colony. Lot of strategy will be throw in, since the first hour will mostly be owning colony, and if a server had enough factions, every factions might had owned a colony within 1/2 an hour. Then what next? Start attacking! Or start defending! Who to attack? Who to call for help? Who our ally? Anyone got backstab? The tension and excitement grow, cause even strong faction like Destiny or Godlike or Crusader might lose colony at a very last minutes. However there will always be next week. Conflicts between members grow! Comrades or enemies will rise! Republics will be back, along with the royalist crusade! Cause everyone get to go to war every week, hoping to get their peice and enjoy the reward for the week of HP buff.

Well not sure if anyone understand what i am trying to picture here, it was an insane and noob idea, at least to somebody, and trust me, it will never going to be implemented, but 1 month resetting is better than nothing perhaps. So start to vote, and hope for the best 🙂

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8 Comments on “Colony War Alive!”

  1. Weiss Says:

    Every week reset? That means I have to be at home every Sunday night to fight/defend colonies, no excuse. Gaming would had to become so stressful, like a job! XD

  2. Orcalia Says:

    Well maybe not sunday… never like sunday to do CW…
    Nah.. don’t be stressful.. is meant to be enjoyable…
    Unless you are a Faction leader, then you might be stressful lol…

  3. Weiss Says:

    lol.. yeah i never like sunday for CW.. cuz I want to go out too, at night. If its Sat, that’s even worse no more Sat night movies!?)!! Though its these two days most students and working adults are free.

    When I’m wondering is that having more than 1 month reset for CW is going to turn many factions into army-style factions i.e. file in appropriate excuse if you aren’t going to turn up for CW cuz one family gone means a severe hit to the power of the faction at that time.

    oooh and by the way, nice spoof on the movie poster!

  4. anythinq Says:

    can i vote neutral?

  5. Linoan Says:

    Weekly reset is ok.
    IF its ONE HOUR before the CW, but I think it would be

    But I think if its monthly, that means there are days that are with no HP buff.
    Thurs maintenenance rest no buff
    Friday no buff
    Saturday no buff
    Sunday no buff until CW ends


  6. Orcalia Says:

    Thank weiss… well for the army style factions, i think is still ok, if its going for the 1 month reset, if weekly reset, then expect lot of army-like faction rise to grab each of them at least 1 colony!

    Anyhow, I had feel that there is going to be a monthly reset….

    Oh yeah, I already forget when is the last time I had dinner with my family on sunday, which i always do before i played GE 🙂

  7. Marikaza Says:

    i like that idea!
    at least now smaller faction with even 8 people can enjoy XD

  8. Remora Says:

    LOL Mute Vis-Sellers, maybe you can add “Mute Spammers”

    I don’t really care about Colony reset, if your faction is as strong as you say it is, There will be no problems taking back your colony again.

    and i dont really like CW cause i dont want me or any of my guys/gals to have to sacrifice 2 hrs every sunday 8-10pm every week to defend /attack a colony. I believe your real life is more important.

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