Hatred in Carracci

Ok guys, someone posted to blog into Carracci diplomatic drama… But the history lesson is rather long to tell and explain. And need lot of patient to dig out all the info… but from my point of view, is rather impossible to be told, cause everyone got their own version of stories. But to put it in short, as to explain the current situation in Carracci, look into the slide show.

You can take it as a humor, but if you manage to grab the inner meaning of all the slide shown, you will get the pictures of what really happening in Carracci now. Everyone hate every other people, no matter you are from the same faction? Same alliances? Or same side. Mostly arise by the raiding issues, where most boss are the main factory of high level items, conflict bound to happen.

By all means, is just a game, you don’t have to touch about other people country… (if you know what i mean), even if I talk about your mother, you won’t be happy about it rite? Everyone know the fingersย are yours, you can type whatever you like, but if you start to be rasicm and talk bad about other people country, then sorry to say you just got to learn more manner. Gosh, people nowadays getting too serious in gaming, why not, they are people who lack of civilization. Ever see a kid hit another kid (both in school uniform) with a helmet in a cybercafe cause he lose in a DotA game? Sure you might say this is stupid and noob, but when you start insulting other people country, you are actually not far from being the same ass****.

So for those who can’t tolerate the pressure of gaming, find a life or go for counselling session. Winning in bad-mouthing doesn’t mean you win the battle, it just made you lose your honor and dignity…. Wake up dear serious gamers..

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18 Comments on “Hatred in Carracci”

  1. SamuraiKiller Says:

    I LOL’ed all the way from the first to the last slide~!

    What came to my mind lately is how cheering for Vialu is like cheering for Bin Laden. Everyone knows happened in 9/11. I have no doubt there isn’t a person who didn’t heard “America deserved that” or even supported that idea. Funny thing is, Vialu was in GL and was kicked for botting. The fatal mistake was not reporting him and getting him banned.

    I didn’t supported and I still don’t support nerfing of characters. Still, the current situation shows how 1 person can throw mud in the effort of 300-500 others. Vialu may have enough DPS with 3 Catherines to get all the loots, but he can’t take down a raid boss alone. If we knew he attained his current level due his own efforts, everyone would truly respect him. But since it’s the other way around, there’s no way, at least for me, to give any credit to him, not even the slightest sign of respect. I don’t mean I will offend or defame him, at least not with baseless rumors or nonconstructive comments.

    About the “it’s just a game” part, I will only say it’s too naive to think like that. You can find better arguments about it in many publications online. It’s just a game, but there’s a lot of time, money and effort being put in it. Just take soccer for example. It’s just a game, right?

  2. Sen` Says:

    ahaha the slideshow was pure WINRAR!! =D
    Vialu’s pic was the funniest part~ good stuff keep em coming! XD

  3. Linoan Says:

    Wise comments @ SamuraiKiller

    Another excellent post Orcalia.
    When I was still in invictus, your forum posts,
    strategies and ideas was really awesome.

    This are facts in my perspective and my opinion

    > Brotherhood
    – an anti-alliance faction hellbent on contesting the dominion over the server raids.
    – their support to vialu is their only fail in my own opinion (pls dont flame me)

    > Godlike and Destiny
    – i dunno but hatred for Godlike is more like hellbent, lots of flames againts Godlike in shouts, but they never reply at those shouts. and it takes a gentleman not to reply on those flames.
    – Godlike stand to NO TO BOTTER and decision of kicking vialu added to the flames,
    – Firm alliance of GL and DT is strong. I was like amazed when its DT’s turn for diablo and we just helped them to put some DPS on it… and our side got Elite Elementalist… we handed it to them without any qualms, i mean its a great alliance indeed.
    – For this great alliance to actually not conflict, it needs great people with a mature and sense of diplomacy.

    > Crusaders
    – i think a very cool faction, rouge and willful.

    > HoH
    – leaving republicans and joining the royalist alliance is good move for them. though reputation wise it might be distasteful but having them to solo gerero and GT will just wait them patiently while they take it down, and note when gero died… well its just cool

    *grrr i would like to post more xD later~

  4. Chibiningen Says:

    Hey orcalia, great slides show u have there especially of vialu. Anyway as for san’s racist comments, there were some feedback that he was taunted and such till he made such comments. SS were also taken of the taunting beforehand, so if u want it u can get it from me ^^ or get from GE forum.
    Since u are Msian, i’m sure you won’t like to be called a dog of singaporean rite ^^
    All in all, it had been a great week of drama and dirty linens washed out in the public keke. Hail to samuraikiller for the vialu part comment too ^^

  5. Despair Says:

    really love your stuffs! Got me laughing all the way. Keep up the good work matey, we don’t mind a laugh about ourselves either XD
    I personally thank the resistance cus it brought back the excitement which was long gone from our CW. What disgusted me is how the people chant Vialu’s name whenever he gets the loots from the raids. Was our huge mistakes not to record and report him and his bro when we had the chances.
    Anyway, looking forward to your next post! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. antijack Says:

    for every game Jack Vialu (yes that is his real name) comes into contact, he always has a tarnished reputation. Hes always being banned or suspended for violations such as Item Duping, botting, racism, tampering game clients, cheats – you name it.

    I am not from Carracci, but I am curious about one thing: What is it that he has done this time to deserve a spot at the most-talked-about-list of Carracci? Might anyone of you share?

  7. Vialu Says:

    Lolz! just listen to the rumors and u can see what story came from… =P Hail! to Vialu!… “IF YOU CANT BEAT HIM/HER/THEM, MAKE A RUMOR WITH IT” rawr!! haha…

  8. Linoan Says:

    LOL Vialu posted.

    I wonder if he really is vialu.
    Create a Vialu thread. A poll maybe, of who thinks he is a botter or not.
    But in any case it does not do anything… lol

    Vialu the Arch Villain
    LoL, I really cant believe people will support him
    After the fact that Vialu was kicked out of Godlike because of botting
    –> This is a true fact. Not a rumor.
    and because of that he hates Godlike.

    Then he waves his 55 ar dolls and KS.

    You think, you can have the ability to get those stuffs.
    Imagine just to obtain good equips, lots of raids
    and lots of camping hours had been done

  9. Weiss Says:

    Vialu really talks like Smeagol…

  10. antijack Says:

    yes, he is talks very much like smeagol… and looks like smeagol IMO…

    Things doesnt change for you GameOver,,, tsk2 go back to playing PangYa like what you did when you got banned countless of times in that wretched game…

  11. Orcalia Says:

    SamuraiKiller, thank for commenting… and yeah, is not a game anymore… is really more than a gane!

    Sen, thank you

    Linoan, thank and great detail you have there… and I agree DT and Godlike was indeed having a very good and solid relationship… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ That is what made them kinda invincible..

    Chibi, thank.. Te drama seem to had capture lot of attention and promoted Carracci somehow.. and your second dramatic topic in the official forum, is what everyone looking forward to learn more… lol

    Despair, glad you like it… it took me 3 hours to draft the dialogue, search for the clips of the movie and doing all the editting… ๐Ÿ™‚ And yeah, we all miss the old resistance.. before most of the high level moved to the alliance ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    AntiJack, whoever you are, you seem to know Vialu history.. I don’t know for sure if he is a botter or not till he is banned for the rest of his life.. but his 3 cath strategy to win raid is kinda impressive.. but not the botting part… a boo to him… (If he really does bot the caths up…)

    Vialu, the hailing is not a rumor… but the part which you bots.. might be… we ll don’t know.. lol

    Weiss, anyone who bots is worst than smeagol… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  12. Linoan Says:

    Orcalia, the fact that Vialu bots is true and not a fact.
    He admitted that openly on GL forum.

    anyway, its funny how things turns up this way

  13. Marikaza Says:

    NOOBS ahahahaha

    i loled there XD

  14. Remora Says:

    LOL I am not hailing a botter. I’ll rather jump into Mt Doom the nhail him. ROFL nice slideshow.

  15. Remora Says:

    I like the part

    “There id no such faction Noob!”

    NoSuch Fac “Someone calling us?”

    LOL funy

  16. Orcalia Says:

    Thank remora

    Like i always said ” Life Goes on in GE ”

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheer

  17. Sleeth Says:

    Hahahahaha…. its all these ingredients that make Carracci stands out eventhough we are a non-pk server. I can just feel the envy on the other forums. There’s the Imperials/Aligned Factions vs the Resistance plus an Arch-Villain/ Hero (depends who’s propaganda u believe- CNN or Al Jazeira) thrown into the mix. Truly an award winning Epic novel/ movie if someone actually writes it all down. (hint!!!)

    BTW, thanks for the mention of the faction I m in at the last page. ๐Ÿ™‚


  18. Linoan Says:

    cant wait for the next post of what happened last CW…
    I just hope Orcalia is informed of the details though xD

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