Speechless Colony War

Another week of colony war….. and again… congrat to the royalist of Carracci for defending their colonies up to six weeks in a row.. and still counting… hurray to royalist! Oh well, can’t comment much…. except that Brotherhood faction been using the kick me while I off line bug to join Coalescence in the war, then hide back in brotherhood which is a neutralist. I only known this trick after the war…. but anyhow, for me, exploiting bug to promote personal gain is just not right… IAH got to try look into this matter, even if the impact is not big, but a bug is still a bug.


I was particular excited on the war in Caravaggio. Lot of backstabbing, betrayal and loyalty stand involve. For those who is not familiar (Like me, lol), Caravaggio made up from few best faction known as ReBorn, AdeptasFraternas and Ethereal (Sorry if i miss out anyone, cause everytime i read about your war experience, this 3 mostly pop up). So every week, the war will goes like Ah Kao war with Ah Meow, and the left out Ah Mao get most colony. Then the next few weeks, Ah Kao betray Ah Mao and attack on them, same concept, whoever left out get more colony and so on! Hey, wasn’t this fun? I mean even those who being attacked and lost colony claim it was fun rather than complaining much of being backstab or betray (They got complain lar but not as serious as you can see from Carracci players. In Carracci, you walk by his elementalist character also surely get flame badly of accidentally touched her boobs, and they don’t just shout and complain, they bring it to the public! Aww.. Enough of Carracci…). I mean the tide had hit Caravaggio to form the situation as what we see today. We are friends today, but not forever. And in the mist of war, smaller faction take advantages to try grab a peice for their own. This is so interesting.  At least this is one of the balance server we see so far. Ganbanteh Caravaggio players!

I can see there is similar excitement too in Vivaldi… at least everyone comments was like “Great War!”, “Nice going, looking forward for next week!” Aww….. oh well… congrat to Carebear from Vivaldi for this week monopolization of the server! Down the hacker faction!

As for other server, I really got limited info and resources, if they don’t comment their experience, so can’t say much about it. Cerventes seem to be experiencing the same fate of strong faction monopolization? Cause all we see there is Dominion and FenrirFaction? Well just a guess… Either they are too mature to really whine or comment anything in the forum and let the action do the talking, or they is just nothing to said…. Pach as usual the most quiet server of all.

Anyhow, congrat to any faction who gain colony last Sunday. May force be with you!

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5 Comments on “Speechless Colony War”

  1. gyl Says:

    Pachelbel is getting interesting. A top faction got disbanded after a foiled plan to topple the other top faction. Then there’s free for all colony war afterwards. And watch out for emerging factions!

  2. Marikaza Says:

    i can’t go to faction war last night XD
    stupid penalty! >.<

    seeing them killing each other makes me go envy them..
    i wanna kill them too ._.

  3. jaklique Says:

    Cerventes is interesting. Dominion got backstabbed by its former members that left to join illuminati. Then illuminati attacked Dominion who was weakened by the mutiny. Shld read their blog. Lawl.

  4. Orcalia Says:

    Aww.. thank jaklique.. will get my self real updates…

  5. Rococo Says:

    I received info that dominion was having a mutiny last saturday while playing perfect world(PW). None of us who was playing PW was stunned by the news. Most of dominion members became inactive when no one warred them for weeks. As a matter of fact, there was much discussion by the top management to remake a new faction to war dominion. That shows you how bored the people in dominion are.

    But i was surprised that the Sitoca who was supposed to take over Lezard as the leader became the new faction leader haha. And I’m still pissed with lezard for not disbanding dominion.

    The ones who are the happiest right now are those bored ex-members of dominion who left for illuminati.

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