Not Quite Sinking yet….

You will never get bored in Carracci, or you get really bored with it! With the third installment of the Sinking Carracci, the franchising goes on to promote or rather condemn the server to another higher level now. It’s going to beat “Titanic” as one of the blockbuster series of all time in this summer!


First Installment mainly focusing in how the bloody opposition force trying to bring the so called honorable Alliance force down with mind games, setting the flame, using the accusation of racism and unbalance raid. Both go equally supported by each representatives, with non-stop arson in the forum, with interesting notes and points. But the end never stop there.


In second Installment, we saw the Alliance made a come back with more screenshot proves, showing the identical arguement on the racism issues, with a little spices of being ks in training ground! The rally just goes on and on, till you see they drag in the last CW where the opposition using bug to commit themselves in the war but hide back after the war. Interestingly, the opposition had always the best excuses or reasons to cover their acts! The Flaming hot arguement continue…..


In the third installment, hopefully the final one or you will beat James Cameron “LOTR” Trilogy, the opposition retaliate back with interesting movies media to show the wrong doing over the Alliance force, which touch mainly on racism and cursing over the other. Fire won’t start if you don’t have the source, so it was both side responsibility. The matter is growing big and the conflict continues.

Sure the arguement won’t stop here, but I think is rather time to wake up. THe mind game is getting out of hand here, and achieving nothing so far. BH still being crowned as the low life, inmatured groups, The Alliance still being refer to the selfish dominant group, and Coal had turn to be some sort of middle scapegoat which somehow faced on the opposition side.

Let’s put it this way :

1) Racism is a serious issue, take the screenshot, report to IAH and wait for respond. If you are darn serious about being curse as whatever country you came from, urge IAH to take action! Is all about respecting one cultural, and country of course.
2) If you had issues with Raid monopolization? Get use to it. The alliance had already monopolize it since the old age, so no point you start to flame and envy on their doing when your groups finally got the capability to raid. And for the Alliance side, the boss had become FFA, everyone had equal chance to raid, no point cursing the opponent of ksing or get angry about it.
3) As for the hatred of Vialu and the whoever gangs of botter they are, log in a ticket to IAH and let them handle the issues. No point keep bring up that he is a botter over and over again, since he is still walking freely around. Get IAH to do the damn job of eliminating botters!
4) If your grinding spot got parked by some ass who doesn’t wish to move cause of personal problems over your factions or alliance, talk to their leader or something, and if their leader doesn’t do anything, just leave the place and find a better one. We are not scare of them, we just do not want to act like a moronic low life players who take personal issue for granted. If the harrasment continues, then is time to log in a report again to IAH to take some serious action, especially people who do the same in a paid area, FT.
5) No… GE is for everyone! As long as they don’t banned your IP, you will have the right to play! Nevermind those who think you can’t play, they are just asshole who doesn’t like to share. Don’t felt mad about them, pity them of who they are.

Calling all Carraccian, is time to rise again, don’t sink yet!

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13 Comments on “Not Quite Sinking yet….”

  1. Marikaza Says:

    your really good or what!?

    you make me ROLF XD

  2. Remora Says:

    I’m not scared I have my Blue Life Bouy to save me when it sinks !!! (Better make sure its full of air)

  3. Meng Says:

    Sounds quite fun and dramatic in Carracci….Pach is abit….too quiet

  4. Linoan Says:

    Flames never ends.

    Are you ready?
    One alliance, One desire…

    Flaming is back
    with the same crap,
    over and over again

    They knew too much.
    They went too far.

    Drama, Action, Romance, Desire…
    Carracci server is a peaceful server
    Until the arsonist moved in….

    krrringg… “hello?”
    “Im going to flame you baby”

    They went to IAH… but they couldn’t help..
    Then there comes a lesbian looking GM:
    “Whats going on here?”
    “Their trying to kill my diablo~”

    (diablo in 30 secs)

    (sanctions declared wars)

    “Gero down!!!”

    “DIABLO CH 1 Pradera NOW!!!… AGAIN”

    But with the help of his malasian friend~
    “Dont worry baby we will kick his ass”

    Movie Intro voice:

    In this server, you must fight to survive
    He saw Gerero on the corner…
    And the mobbed want it in…

    “I dont know what this guy is, but i want his Gerero DEAD!!”

    They had once chance, and their once chance is to fight back.

    Vialu: “Listen to me this are my Gereros…”

    They didnt know who he was…

    “Listen to me… listen to me they are trying to take my gerero!!”
    (heartbeats and running…)

  5. Orcalia Says:

    Good one Linoan lol

  6. Linoan Says:

    @Orcalia, not as good as you are, but then again its “life in ge”

    If you put it that way, its fun and hilarious.
    So take Orcalia’s advice, settle down and just enjoy the game
    No need to be racist. Be a good sports

  7. Linoan Says:

    Blog Stats

    * 3,129 hits


  8. Remora Says:

    LOL nice one. Funny

  9. Linoan Says:

    Congrats you have been blog spotted!!!

  10. Orcalia Says:

    Thank Remora and Linion 🙂

  11. catherinetorsche Says:


  12. Weiss Says:

    Hahah I like the posters. Sad/Glad to say, I like to throw stones to sink boats…

  13. Linoan Says:

    Hi Weiss~ hope you dont think me as a food lol
    nice to see you around here

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