Say NO to De-Levelling!

Thank you IAH for helping to solve the De-level issue. In my opinion, Only sick people go and simply de-level people. Was it so fun to really de-level people? What so fun about it? This is mindless act! Yah right, we all tired of hearing “If you don’t want to get de-level, don’t afk!”. So? Where your point? You haven’t told us who give you the right to de-level. Play in carebear server? You miss the part where carebear server won’t lose experience when you die, and you can’t simply baron people. Pk server is when you can actually cut of other people training opportunity, if you can spot them. Not totally bashing their level to zero. How would people feel about it? After all the effort? After everything they had achieve?

If you go poo poo and suddenly you stuck in the toilet bowl and get yourself killed, then we all can use the phrase “See, who ask you to poo poo?”. If someone backstab you while you Poo Poo, and killed you, you still use the same phrase? Go logical yet people just try to twist the fact around.

All I can say, stop those stupid de-leveling, and time to wake up! The point is not about people should switch to carebear server if they whine! The point is not about people should quit if they whine! The point is not about people are noobs if they whine! Is about who give you the right to de-level ( or minus other players effort ) when you don’t even got the right to do so. Sure the damn pc’s, keyboards, mouse and monitors are yours! You can do what ever you want! But its doesn’t mean that with a pair of hand, you can kill anyone you like! Yup, you are having pretty fun huh? We just feel pity for you.

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12 Comments on “Say NO to De-Levelling!”

  1. Remora Says:

    Sadly it true, some ppl are just sick in the head or nothing better to do.

    But if you park your car in an area where there are known for vandels (scratch your car type) or car hijackers. And it really gets scratched, damaged or stolen nothing much can be done, damage has been done. The police also cant say “we’ll give u back a car”

    Yes I do agree its not right for someone to de-lvl someone, but ppl know its a risk to afk in PK server and I know of ppl who would shout “they deserve it” but I feel sad that they got de-lvled, all those hard work.

    All I can say is, you took a risk to afk in a PK server, you got killed and delved, its part of the game (even though its considered harrasment or an exploit). Damage has been done.

  2. Linoan Says:

    I dunno that you can be deleveled

  3. Rococo Says:

    you can get deleveled. Seemed as though a lot of stuff have happened in the 2 weeks i stopped playing. Frankly, Iah always do stuff too late. I know the very first person who got deleveled seriously and if iah has at least suspended/make an example of the culprit at that time this whole delevling thing would have never happen.

  4. Orcalia Says:

    Well I was particularly hard broken when people keep defending that de-leveling was part of the game, and giving all the points which doesn’t proved that you actually got the right to de-level somebody.

    And they still on with it, to war against de-leveling as being illegal… 😦

  5. Remora Says:

    Least its not as bad in FFXI loh, you die even if by monster you lose 8% MAX exp to level up.

    In end game raid I’ve seen ppl lose up to 4 levels fighting end game Bosses. and thats alot of exp 8%

    (FFXI sinced capped teh MAX exp lost at 8% or 2400exp whichever is lower) but considering it takes 3mins to kill 1 mob in a average exp pt giving only 200-300 exp, thats alot of exp. And they dont even have PVP

  6. Orcalia Says:

    die from mobs and get exp cut off is normal in any mmorpg, i was pretty surprise that carebear server didnt even cut off exp when you die. Guess that’s why they are called carebear… and somehow i kinda like it. 🙂

  7. Marikaza Says:

    if soo at least they can and have a de-level program/script/quota a person at least have 1 de-level minimum in 1 day-week…

    but de-leveling 30 or 50 levels is sooo much… XD

  8. Weiss Says:

    That’s definiately counted as harassment.

  9. anythinq Says:

    lol nice poo poo story. always hilarious!
    finally IAH made its stand.

  10. LPS Says:

    quite hilarious.. anyway talking about IAH, i am recently very disappointed. Botter friendS got away free after 10 days banned. How do i feel – just bot la… anyway only 10 days ban.. thats what my other friends felt.. not really me

    email them in regards to this.. no reply =(

  11. Linoan Says:

    eh? no new post ^__^

  12. Orcalia Says:

    Been a while huh? lol
    Well been busy with Real life here…
    Anyhow, new post should be up by tonite so stay tune 🙂

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