They finally strike back!

OK guys, sorry for the late reply, and now, report from last week war. Lot had change and congrat to the resistance force from Carracci for changing the damn boring map for the first time after 6th continuous weeks of Royalist domination! Congrat too, to any other faction out there from other server who had got their own colony! It’s been an exciting week.

Destroth still owning the Pach server, but I truely believe the action was still strong. With the slowing down of Dominion, whose players mostly went to play PW, at least, that is what i heard? Now Cervertes are mainly monopilize by Iluminati and Fenrir, guess the server won’t be boring with dominion exit. As usual Caravaggio big named consist of AdeptasFraternas, Ethereal and ReBorn and for this week, with Reborn disbanding too, hope the action still on for Caravaggio. Carebear forever over Vivaldi, but the action is still pretty good, so with action around, there is no worried at all.

Had I miss any server, oh yah my damn dramatic Carracci server. It was a come back from the republican side. Lot people think that the republican was just damn lucky to get the colony with the last mins owning of the colony. Oh well, least people know the real plan behind it. Let see how lucky do we get eventually….


First, all republican were making a decoy attack on Godlike, making them believe that it was an all godlike attacking for this week. Taking over Celesta was great to pull Destiny over to ally them and bring the republican down. There is still 1/2 an hour to go before the republican execute the real plans so most republican then rush into Tres to make another decoy attack on Godlike, just to burn another 15 mins before they go for the real big blow! Just when 15 mins left before the end of the CW, all republicans coordinated their position and launch full attack towards Crusader colonies. The initial plan is to reduce or totally wipe off Crusader from the map. It was an impossible mission last week, but with well coordination and planning, together with all participate effort, the republican made it happen this week. With an all out surprise attack, Invictus and Chevalier go for Scorching, BH soloing Bonavista,  Coalescence and NoSuch go for Fluvial and Renaissance and Covenant go for Dos. Time is ticking, Renaissance almost got Dos but the defending teams is pretty strong there, and it seem that royalist choose to bombard BH at Bonavista, and eventually own back the colony, before the war end.

Anyhow, at least the map changed after so long of the domination! Best of luck for defending next week!

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12 Comments on “They finally strike back!”

  1. Remora Says:

    Yeah Its nice to see some action on both side. I know at least Both sides had fun ratehr than sitting there doing nothing fro 2 hrs. But the system is still not a nice system IMO.

    Its always logical that most attacking party will always attack at the 11th hour en-mass decoy attack and such so as to be able to claim teh colony and say “HAHA u cant fight back”

    But it was a nice CW after all least I got to see some changes. Waiting for this weekend when The Allience flexs its full might to get those colony back.

  2. Weiss Says:

    It was a fun CW. Kept me on my toes. Now I’m looking forward to the next CW and whether the Republicans will defend what they have or try clear more colonies. 🙂

  3. Mercky Says:

    So now, BH is officially republican? How about Corazon? What do you guys keep calling it republican and not any other alliance name? Does it matter? Probably not as the outcome is what matters. But, claiming it as republican victory is an outright lie.

    If you want it to be truly republican force, then have those 2 and all other allies officially affiliated with republican. Otherwise, can we call the opposition alliance some other name?

  4. Linoan Says:

    I would like to call them “Federation”

    The Republican Federation vs Royalist Alliance

  5. Mercky Says:

    What’s the diff?

  6. Orcalia Says:

    Haha good one Linoan…
    Btw, I didnt refer BH as part of the republican, or its doesn’t matter if they are really republican or not, as how Carracci had evolve, anyone going against the alliance is the republican, is just a name or term to refer to a side, nothing serious about it, so chill out. 🙂

    Remora, guess there is no choice but to deploy the “no chances to retaliate” strategy by hitting at last mins. But at least, the rep or whatever you want to call it, still try to made a decoy fight at early hour 🙂

    Weiss, keep guessing, defend or keep attacking keke…. hope the spark had started for Carracci in CW once again 🙂

  7. Weiss Says:

    We’ll be waiting! /gg

  8. Sleeth Says:

    GG to the New Republic…. I guess Darth Vader/ Lex Luthor/ Smeagol finally saw the light and helped overthrow the Alliance. Yippee…the cruds are no more.

    Don’t worry many smaller factions will be flooding in to help in the defences… hope that the numbers or lag would help. 🙂

    Spread the word…


  9. Remora Says:

    Who’s going to be Luke Skywalker?

  10. Weiss Says:

    That’s a good question. I think there’s none in a sense, almost in a childish and pathetic idealism. The other side will always see the opposing side as ‘evil’, in this case, two evils battling against each other. There’s no good in the land, just orcs battling cruds and ogres smashing trolls.

  11. Orcalia Says:

    That very true Weiss, I never look at the alliance as evil or the republican as saint, is just two side of the opposite opponents.

    Which ever side you are in, you are just fighting the opposite side 🙂

  12. Mondial Says:

    Well, there are small factions that are waiting to join up the Royalist alliance. Chances are they might show up to flex their muscles for the Royalists offensive. Anti-alliance members of course will have their work cut out for them to hold their colonies, which is tough call.

    Will be interesting to watch.

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