Diablo Shouting for Help!

Ever wonder how a boss raid is being done? In Granado Espada, do we see any weakness in the raiding system? In GE, do we raid for the fun? for the the pleasure? or the teamwork? for the gameplay? for the roleplaying? or as what happening now, simply for the sake of the damn loots!

Does boss raiding already lost it purpose? What its meant for doing boss raid? How is the current situation of boss raiding in your server now? Ever wonder how an ideal boss raid would be, which satisfied everyone who participate? Here you go :


Now compare to what really happen now in GE, do you call this a boss raid? Or more like a slaughtering ground? For example, Diablo. You can now just pull off that warning board (Which you read about how scary the demonic beast would be), and hit back to that Ferruccio Expedition Explorer and tell him to just fark off for putting the warning sign. It would be better to write “Show mercy to the poor beast” and I would go like “Runn…. run….. Diablo… run for your life!!”. It doesn’t even stay alive for 5 sec for god sake!

You don’t need a plan, you don’t need strategy, you don’t need to be organize, you don’t even need to cast a single spell (cause is helpless). And we call this the boss raid in GE. SO much for the raid feature in GE.

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22 Comments on “Diablo Shouting for Help!”

  1. Remora Says:

    I just witness today at Golden Spider 9 Cath 1 Jack. Golden Spider died in 1s from the time it spawn. All I saw was and a dead spider.

    Zzzzzzzzzz and you though Boss was suppose to be hard… LOL

  2. Rococo Says:

    There was a time when golden spider takes 20 mins to kill with 6 people, (3 level 8x), rest 60-70. There was a time where genroro wasted more than 30 mins of our life and diablo makes people cry. There was also another time when war happened during a battle of kill diablo/genroro (1++ hour fight). Damn i missed those days.

  3. Orcalia Says:

    Well at least you got the chance to miss those days, I never got a chance to miss those day at all…. cause the moment i get to hit Geroro or diablo without misses, people been start camping them like hell, and when it spawned, the boss itself got owned in less than few sec. 😦

  4. Rococo Says:

    hmm try killing other boss. I was so bored that I went to kill Avalanche Apparition with another friend. I have yet to hear of anyone killing it with only two people XD (except for that psychopath in that faction who killed it by himself).

  5. Remora Says:

    Lol I’m going to be the next psycopath to Solo AA soon.

  6. Weiss Says:

    Would you blame the raiders or blame the technical aspect of the game? Bosses no longer are an attraction, I think, now they are more like, something you ‘farm’ for the items, and the cycle continues as more bosses evolve. CW is getting slightly interesting though its still a numbers’ game comparatively, aka 10+ factions vs 5 factions. rawr.

    Kind of boring, isn’t it? I think by version 2.4, I would be gone from this game already.

  7. Orcalia Says:

    Weiss, truely say, I never blame the raider, just how the game in sense of raiding is being designed. It does create competition, but as more players matured, the competition might not be that fun anymore. No doubt, the instant boss raid would be boring, where only your team raid the boss at a particular area, without interference, but still there is a certain degree of fun in it, and challenging which promote teamwork and strategy.

    In GE, its totally opposite what we had.

    Sadly, lot more might be quiting, as more great mmorpg coming up soon. Oh well…

  8. Arcleaumont Says:

    some few basic things. A RAID BOSS usually refers to bosses which you CANT solo.

    as quoted “And we call this the boss raid in GE. SO much for the raid feature in GE”

    If you really want a difficult raid boss you can try Vergo or Gryphon, or if youre feeling strong, go kill Novia. Youll be screaming for yer mommy.

    So, Yes, Diablo is still technically a RAID BOSS since you can’t solo him. Drop me a PM if you know of someone who soloed Diablo and Ill consider deleting my chars 🙂

  9. Rococo Says:

    As Arcleaumont says, try those bosses if you can gather the strength. Vergo is especially hard as the hp bug(you never know what his real hp is) has yet to be solved. If four squads of lvl 100 vet can’t kill it, I don’t know what can.

    Novia and Gryphon on the other hand…. ZZZZZZ!

    @Weiss if you want to leave GE come join Perfect world with me haha.

  10. Orcalia Says:

    Err.. i think need to made my point a little more clearer..
    Actually, the boss was too easy to be killed is not quite mine point..
    My point is, the raid system in GE made it that the later players can’t feel the real boss raid, as everyone was camping for the same boss.. and with the competition on, there is hardly any proper raiding excitement…

    All the late comer saw, is a 5 sec slaughter show, and even a late growing faction cant organize any raid at all, since the whole point of raiding is to ks, and the raid duration is like less than a few sec.

    Hope you got what i meant. 🙂

  11. anythinq Says:

    diablo n gerero are no more raid bosses. they are like the lottery that you buy in hope of striking an elite shits from it. rofl.

  12. Kirz Says:

    I agree with anything, its a lottery. I get bored going to them, I just skip them. Sign me up for Vergo and Gryphon. Sure I’d die alot, but the satisfaction is there.

  13. Weiss Says:

    LOL@Rococco. I took a look at PW, not my cup of tea. Actually I have my eye on another game, AION Online. Thinking of trying it out when the english beta is on.

    I remember being extremely excited for GE when I was getting tons bored of RO. And now GE is becoming exactly like RO… -sigh

    @Orcalia, same feelings too. 5 sec slaughter and see if you get the lolottery win.

  14. Orcalia Says:

    Well weiss, I was actually looking forward for open beta on Dream of Mirror Online… seem to be cute lol….

    Anyhow, back to the so called raid boss, yah this geroro and diablo are now either a 4D lottery ot sport TOTO grand price striking….

    But too bad, the most my faction always get is the consolation prize lol…

  15. Linoan Says:

    LOL, at least with my 3 grace
    i can win at least an Eternal Gaiters -_-
    over gerero againts those freaking 55 ar dolls
    actually i dun have a chance, but its a lottery!
    I cant help but smile when i see my name on the loots
    its like woah! my name is on the bellem box!!!

    as for diablo, we call the raid: “diaburu the masacre”

    8 weeks ago, bringing diablo down was ~_~
    now its like, shouting for help lol

  16. ******oto85 Says:

    Arcleaumont , if you in pachelbel you can quit GE already ……
    so many player can OWN diablo in 20 minutes……….

  17. kika Says:

    20 mins solo diablo? :0

    anyway this bound to happen la. most of the mmos’ bosses also ksfest.
    even more they’re the easiest to farm with decent loots.
    imo it encourages players to lvl more/farm more/bot more/buy more vis/scam more cus in the end of the day, we all want our names on those loots.

  18. Rococo Says:

    Nuuuuuuuuuu. Perfect world is nice!!! *brainwash brainwash*

    But ya ge is so boring now. Even killing Avalanche Apparition is a bored T_T

    I need a new addiction!

  19. Remora Says:

    I kinda liked FFXI’s style of Boss fights. First Hit/Spell claims the Boss for your Party(6members) / Alliance (3Party). No one else can even touch the boss untill you wipe or it goes “unclaimed” (can happen sometimes).

    But of course loot is distributed diferently in FF cause they use a treasure pool and endgame Armor/Weapons are 90% Non Tradable.

    I miss my AdamanHauberk and Ridill T.T

  20. Orcalia Says:

    Well I just love to raid, the feel of bringing down a big boss with several friends, challenging the boss till the end, with all sort of strategy.. is total fun!

    Too bad, GE boss raid is a different story 😦

  21. anythinq Says:

    sigh!!! im eyeing seal online. hehehe. damn i spent lots of money already for ge. iah lol@me.

  22. Weiss Says:


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