CW excitement rise again in Carracci!

Once a week colony war just over and it’s been an exciting week. Sorry bout other server cause I really got limited info from it, but for Carracci, its been a blasting CW ever, since the launch of commercial GE. The changes is more severe now, and we saw the Republican is rising, with more and more colony everyweeks. Mercenaries faction arise to aid the alliance, which mostly wish to know what they got to offer for them (or just plain colony ownership?) Anyhow, injecting some new faces surely boost up the excitement! If you wanted to know more about the war, you can all read it here.

The plan was interesting, at least on the republican side. Decoy attack on few colony at the beginning of the hours, Diegos scatter around to solo hit any colony which is not guarded. And only with the last minutes strike guarantee a colony for each of the faction who participate in the planning! It was really an intense war, and Carracci is once again being lighten up with more people looking forward for the coming Sunday!


Just really one question which really get into me, does Godlike getting less people playing in CW? or lot of their players quited to play other games? Destiny seem to remain as strong as ever, but still….. Crusader seem to be quiet all of the sudden!

Anyway, great war, and looking forward for the coming war. Not to be forgotten, congrat to all factions who got themselves colonies for this week, same to those from other server as well.

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12 Comments on “CW excitement rise again in Carracci!”

  1. Remora Says:

    SR managed to claim back their Home Ground at the last few mins of the war.

  2. Weiss Says:

    lol – good job on the HighLander poster! I think they will appreciate the humor there.
    At times I wonder if the tables are turned and the main republican force is sitting there, being bored for 6 consecutive CWs, how would they feel too?

  3. Linoan Says:

    Thats one and half a month Weiss…

    but the last minute attack is really or almost sure get a colony.
    which is I think a game flaw.

    but i think if theres no lag its ok.

    heres the problem… lots of families gather to one spot
    and whack the colony which creates insane lag.

    imagine, the defenders warping there would have a crazy loading time!
    enough to reach the maximum time invulnurability upon loading.

    After giving it a thought, Godlike is always flamed ~_~
    and no broads, replying on those flames.
    the last minute attack constitutes consecutive attack on 3 colony of GL

    but the cw is now fun!

  4. Weiss Says:

    I just want the lag to be gone. Then it’s CW fun. Else its the lag that annoys me the most. I get blue screens. :\

  5. Orcalia Says:

    Well, same here weiss, the lag was kinda sad… I got pc freeze from time to time.

    Anyhow, I expect more action for this coming CW, and I tend to believe the last mins attack to own a colony is going to be practiced for a very long time, until of course, the republican side manage to go equal with the Royalist side.

  6. Remora Says:

    Maybe I’ll try sneak in 1 attack and get me a colony ROFL…. j/k

  7. Orcalia Says:

    you should remora…..
    Gather some of your people and start attacking! 🙂

    So what is the deal which highlander get? Just curious….

  8. Death Says:

    man…. last cw really the most intersting cw i ever had.. lolx…

  9. Weiss Says:

    Ya. Unless they change last minute hit-gain to maximum hit instead.

  10. Linoan Says:

    @Orcalia hahaha, its a trade secret according to them.

    But this last CW is the craziest CW and most stressful
    Imagine multiple hits from multiple location.

    Once you clear Lago, you warp to the next ~_~
    even before you clear a location, your asked to jump to the next!
    and hello? the loading is CRAZY!

    I believe its no my ISP, not my *ahem gaming powerhouse PC
    Its just the server responds slowly.
    Sigh, just imagine how enjoyable the war would be, when you can
    MICRO your chars like you do on FT Ladder with 120apm (actions per minute)

    Imagine your 3 chars applied with 120apm with minimum latency!
    and your opponent can do the same…

  11. Orcalia Says:

    Haha Linoan, that would be awesome! We certainly hope for that….

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