Top 10 Stresses in GE

I had read about a stressful life in GE. They claim playing GE was very stressful. So, what got into this issue here? Why do we find playing GE so stressful? Wasn’t gaming suppose to be fun and excited? The point is, what is fun and excited to you? Sometimes, it could be stressful, but is fun! And the end excitement that you get, priceless. But some other don’t find it that way, they like thing to run more simply and easy.


But there is some point which really made GE stressful. No doubt, I believe, this is what people been complaining. LifeinGE bought to you, the top 10 most stressful thing when playing GE.


No 10 : The Kser
Well this issue usually happen in non-pk server, either a family pop up from no way and took your place, then worst, over kill the mobs spawn than you. Patient players, they simply ask them to leave, but players who can’t stand the harrasment, cursing in public would be the first thing to come, then broading in public of the asshole, then lastly cursing again toward the monitor. Conflict become much bigger when people use spinelle to solve matter.


No 9 : The De-Levelling
Thank IAH for making this illegal, back to old days when this happen to you, you might lock yourself in the room, having no appetite to eat at all, cry unreasonably and feeling frustrated. More serious case is to say bye bye to GE once and for all! Talking about gaming stress.


No 8 : The Botters
The real threat this botters give is the inflation! Imagine you plan on your saving to buy that items for 10 mils. Hurray, after 1 week of saving, you got the cash but the item rise up to 20 mils now… okok is ok, I can still save one more week to get my hand on it. Another week pass, and just as you scroll around the market, and now the item reached 30 mils, cursing is the most usual sign you will do, other than feeling frustrated, but more serious case is when the players start looking up onto those botting site or vis seller site. Is going to be the end of GE if the player start to think that if you can’t beat them, join them!


No 7 : The Hacker
Woot, this is one thing that really didnt bother you, cause this hacker are born to be banned in life. Anyhow, when you got own by them, especially in PK server, its become a serious problem. +8 to +10 equipments? How to beat? You pay so much gpoint to upgrade, they just hack it out. Cursing is the normal sign, follow by mass announcing of the particular players through broading or forums! Stress Stress Stress!!!!


No 6: The Lagness.
Well, its been a well known issue that you usually lost at least 3-4 mouses or keyboards a years cause of too much aggressive banging during game lagging, in our case GE lagging. Other signs that you might discover is frequent change in mouse pad, frequent pulling and repluging of your modem cord, frequent resetting your modem, regular checking on the local broadband services status and being picky on the local login IP. More severe health problem, mentality becoming more aggresive, usually yeilding without much reason toward the non-replying monitor, or toward the storm or raining sky. Much serious case would be spamming on official GE forum! So take note before it’s too late.

Stay tune for next post of the rest of the top 10 stressful life in GE!
(Everything above are just fiction and jokes, so don’t take it seriously!)

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8 Comments on “Top 10 Stresses in GE”

  1. Darrick Says:

    LOL @ the statement “She is lagging here” when they are going to tackle the LAG issue haha…

  2. Remora Says:

    LOL hahahaahahahahahahahaha ROFL.

    Nice one. *waits for part2*

  3. linoan Says:

    impressive summary!

    actually it becomes stressful when you really compete a lot
    I mean i think most players are competitive which adds to game

    but unfortunately tables are not balanced.
    vis farmers
    vis sellers
    vis buyers
    vis hackers FTW! if this is true, Ill definitely quit
    hackers omg, this is insane.

  4. Weiss Says:

    LOL. Your blog wins the day again, Orcalia.

  5. anythinq Says:

    is hrin reading this? jahaha.. so bad la you.
    the delevelling part is so.. i think it may be that case in fact..

  6. Remora Says:

    The eyes are soooo cute… But doesnt Hrin’s Ele wear sheephorn and Torshe Dress? lol

  7. l.a.m.b. Says:

    David Letterman interviewing Hrin…LOL

    “..with CW which played in matrix style (Lag)…”
    LOL. but sadly, true.

  8. K Says:

    do more, jhahahahahahahah

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