Top 10 Stresses in GE (Continue)

Ok there come the top finalist with 5 factors of stressful life in GE, a more serious case for us to look upon and think for ourselves.


No 5 : Boss hunt Ksing
Different from mobs levelling ksing, this is another issue which lead much to Carracci drama! Ksing is normal but with much competition around, its provoke lot of hatred against players other than their own faction or alliance. Cursing would be the first to come, and dunno how people get racism about it too, then complaining in forum is the follow-up job! Boredom of waiting and frustration of not getting a single loots after 6 hours camping might cause lot of health problem.


No 4 : Grinding neverending!
This is normal to all mmorpg! But with so many Rnpc? Grinding over and over is part of GE life, you log in, you afk (still grind), or you stay active killing every mobs spawned, over and over again. Boredom? The worst to come, grind is bad for health! Even a dozen of red bull won’t help if you plan to chiong level (Rushing level)! And the worst thing, frustrated when you find veteran is nothing but boredom, with maps you can hardly survive (unless you chiong other character again and get the right combo), with boss who got ks like hell, with CW which played in matrix style (Lag). Finally, all you realize you can do is farm and farm. Farm won’t guarantee you any loots but time and effort are all consumed!


No 3 : The Laggin Colony war
Well, we do not need to explain much about this, an unusual lag during the CW, which might even cause dc and freeze of your PC. When you play dota, and you get 1 sec delay, you already can’t farm properly to get last hit, what with CW which lag like hell, you can’t even cast any spells and move around. This is one which really rise your blood pressure every wonderful sunday evening (while you should be having a happy family gathering), then become frustrated giving up CW, or worst, spending more to get better accessories to upgrade your pc, just for the CW, or just to own back that particular sucker who once called you “Noobs lagger, free kill, wakakakaka!!!”. But that’s not the most serious part, wait when the lag and ego drive you to the edge, you miss one part of the excited game feature of the game when you skip the CW, good for you for a better lifestyle, sorry for IAH.


No 2 : No drops stress
OMG, this is serious, you know what happen when you got no drop? What happen when all the drops you saw are just normal loots? No items? No equipments? No wonder you got so less stress playing diablo 2, (unless you play in nightmare or hell mode), kill a few mobs already drops you some equipments, crap but still equipment! The excitement is on, to keep guessing “Wow is that a unique? Is that a rare? Is that a set items?”. Try grind at Valley for whole day and see how its feel? Frustration? Helpless? Wasting time?


No 1 : Veteran Level up?
Are you kidding me? Look at the frustration of the veteran level? 0.0000%? How many decimel do we need here? How much you need to get 1 level up? Was this a jokes to fool those hard work of getting to veteran? Not to mention the money we need to spent on the scroll? I don’t believe there is actually no people complaining about this one. Is like getting the correct girls for your life, but end up she is actually a MAN. This is where, GE getting bored, frustrated and pointless. Till when we can get to expert? Even a few hundred dozen of RedBull won’t going to help at all!

(Again, all the above are just plain stupid jokes, so don’t ever took it seriously! Thank you)

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8 Comments on “Top 10 Stresses in GE (Continue)”

  1. Mikee Stiles Says:

    1 95-96 level = 1% vet exp

    10 96-96 levels = 10% vet exp = 1 vet level @_@

    so you have to level from 95-96 100 times to become expert.

    mega grind !

  2. Rococo Says:

    Mikee. You are TOTALLY WRONG! The time it takes to get from lvl 1 to 100 = time taken to go to expert.

    After you hit lvl 101 the exp rates get so slowwwwwwwww. Trust me I know. And you can’t level at SD anymore cos the mobs are orange. So the big problem after you hit 101 onwards is to find a decent easy kill mob with nice spawn rates.

  3. Rococo Says:

    And am I the only one who notice that the mob in snowfield stays orange even after hitting lvl 101? >.<

  4. Remora Says:

    Exp sucsk pass 101…… sucks like hell…….. since going to higher lvl maps is near sucidal without good EQ (which due to over KSing of boss raid boss etcetc). Hell….. even my Elite Alagreas Ele takes a lot of dmg in Capy Dungeon, wat more snowfield……

  5. Orcalia Says:

    Well, I was only Vet, didnt really work hard to level the vet now, and going to snowfield was like moving in the lair of bosses, every mobs there seem like a boss to me.

  6. Linoan Says:

    @orcalia lolz yeah! but its fun. we grinded there with my friends, three of us. pretty interesting IMO

    hmmm, The Ice Wizard Castle is the WTF! every enemy is like diablo and even worse! stronger. i only have 51ar/49dr how will i survive!!! ~_~

  7. Rococo Says:

    I find snowfield of ice tower one of the worst. I have relatively high dr but I’m unable to survive there past 20 mins (if i try to grind).

  8. Remora Says:

    I had t ospend 100 pots just to Reach the Ice Wiz Tower “enterance” so many “Tail” thnigy each shot takes off 25-30% of my HP (Fighter)

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