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We love you LJM!

November 27, 2007

Is refreshing to be back from a honeymoon. And now, back to the usual GE forum just to find an unusual new comrade of ours. He is cute in every sentence or post he started! He seem noobs but he gain all the supports from the people around him, something like William Hung of GE. We present to you, our Mr Lee, LeeJunMing! Don’t pray pray man… he is really the wonder poster of the year!


Aww.. by the way, if Mr Lee is looking at this, I got to tell him, no, I am not trying to bully or insult or tease you. I just admire your wonderful talent post of all time. And I just need to show it to the world! Come to think of it, we are so alike in many way, we both kakilang, we both speak poor engerish, and we both talk lot of nonsense. The moment I start a search on your every topic, you never fail making me or us laugh!

The epic post would be “all player very black hearted”. Gosh this is a topic of the century! I salute you my friends! You gain the best popularity, and I am boosting it now! And guess what, Hrin love you! We all love you! Don’t quit yet, cause solo just got pawned! So no worried from the big bully! As long as we all love you, you’re our Hrin’s boy!


Carracci Commentator!

November 26, 2007

Today I wish to introduce you to some of our great fellows of Carracci, eventually real name is unknown but their political skills is awesome in forum! And when you think Casa Reclusion blog had a great commentator for Carracci war, look in here for the real ownage commentator!

Great players, talk sense most of the time, and somehow, he got real keen to tease Weiss. Lover as in real life?

Interesting lady, usually state firm with concrete points, sometimes could go crazy with spam! Usually talk behalf of godlike. And I like the cat! kekeke

Most of the time, he/she like to argue, over everything, but I like his/her fact! The best quote which i find amusing, “Strategies are strategies, be they “righteous” or “cheap underhanded tricks”. Talk behalf of Destiny

Part of republican who is very active to state his stand, who constantly post up the war result before Casa Reclusion take over. His stand to unite the republican seem working… gogogo Coal!

Don’t mess with the veteran elite, look at his post count! But he is not spammer, he always give great insight in every topic, especially in the carracci war!

In every 8 out of his 10 posts, you will see the word bots! A pure bots hater, as long as you afk, he will start spamming bots, even if it was actually a war discussion thread! Other than that, he seem to amuse to balls too especially BH balls?.. strange..

Ahh.. my great faction mate! Good, kind, loyal, dedicated, strong, helpful, honest, price charming.. ahaha, all the good qualities you can get, he is just in-human! Oh well, he can be very strict with his stand sometimes! That our Rhami….

A very unique commenter! Could be lengthy sometimes, but I like the way he always keep every post so healthy! Nice going!

Everybody know him, his dedication to GE, even after openly critics on every little flaw in GE, but he is still with all of us, withstanding the flaw! Anyhow, his posts are normally freaking long, but as always, he never fail to point out his stand. A very educated poster indeed!

Niko Goldeye
Spoke person for BH……. Straight forward guy with great loyalty to BH! This for you, “Stop picking on BH! If you think we bots, report us! Don’t come barking in the forum!”


Mastermind of the whole drama in any topics posted regards of Carracci. Identity remain a mystery, but his words twist like hell! Beware that you might get lost in his words or story or comment or what ever he is trying to post. Otherwise, switch to his frequency, it might help to understand more about what he is trying to tell! Truely a commentator for every war, he can bite you till you surrender, he can twist you till you are so lost and most of all, you will never miss him in every war topic in carracci! And remember, ONLY Carracci war topic!

Oh well, they are all the legendary Carracci war commentator, as new bloods are coming in to join the line… nevertheless, we solute them for their effort to made Carracci the best dramatic server of all time.

PS : Where Mercky lately? I heard he went to Perfect World?

Vacation week! Brb soon!

November 23, 2007

Very sorry for the late update, for those who been keep supporting, thank you for checking in every now and then. Anyhow, I wish to announce that I will not be updating till next week on my blog. Guess my wife to be, will always come first. Yup, I just got married anI am in my honeymoon week. I just sneak out from my villa to post this. Don’t worry, she is still asleep.

Hahaha… save up all the congrat, and start sending me more angpau… lol… Vis acceptable, kekeke….

Anyhow, Introduce to you my wife to be, Kathy…. Say hi to my gamers… there “Hi hellish gamers who steal my time with my husband!”…. Oh well… there she goes again.. anyhow, that’s her.. kakaka in the elementalist costume!


Well just stay tune for next week…. remember the new coming FFA competition? Bet you think I would never participate? lol… a little hint to you all, my production is 50% done, and is going to be a major spoof! Short movie revolving around the Carracci community! I just hope that I would be able to finish it before the time. We all hope for an extension lol. So stay tune for more!

Till I come back again! Adios!

The one with deSanggria competition?

November 15, 2007

I was bored, boring.. till I knock into Desanggria blog about a contest of making a simple comic from a given screenshot… Was pretty interesting, so i just give it a shot! 🙂


Pretty lame huh? lol…. like I said, I was just bored… now time to get back to sleep… I was on my way to toilet to pass the pee, then look into my afk team, then look into my blog, then scout into casa blog, then linked to the comical competition, which lead me to this lol… Don’t worry, not participating thou… awww…. zzzzz sweet dream…

GE with Simon Cowell!

November 14, 2007


I can’t believe I almost miss the most interesting topics in GE, last week! One with the quiet Pach server! So what happen over there, people claim is quiet, infested with bots, low drop rate? The server is totally being abandoned? What the heck is happening in there?

Oh gosh.. much question asked but hell I am not going to blog about the server, we are all here to talk about our very own blogger hero, Mr di Stowe, our very own personal judge for the blogspotting event! Way the go man! Here come Simon Cowell is in the game now!

Now for the story, this di Stowe commented on Micoy blog, as one of the suckest blog which is being blogspotted! Well his real intention is about the server being too quiet in the first place, but who cares, his comment on the blog gives much more impact man! And why di Stowe is the man of the blogging event? Cause he is the only one questioning our panel decision! What the go man! You got my respect…..


Anyhow, enough of the story, so was it valid? Oh… I mean the blog comment… hmm… well, the good thing is, the blog he is refering to, got an interesting content nevertheless, but is still a new blog with 1 post and the layout is the default layout. Anyhow, this doesn’t mean you can’t be blogspotted! The bad thing is, the accusation or the comment rather reflected di Stowe a bit jealous over the others? The words he used was rather harsh if you ask me? He were saying this :

“but your Blog is a hudge-enourmous piece of garbage” 

Gosh… look at the furious words! Look how strong they are! IAH panels just got themselves a pile of garbage to be dispose! or treasured?

Oh well, that how gamers function. Now and then, without much patients, they blow off and go along their own way. Is normal to really talk what you like, honestly, is your own mouth! Who can stop that? But just make sure the shaft doesn’t appear out from your mouth, that all. 🙂

CW, New Face, New Strategy, New Hope for Carracci

November 6, 2007

Aww.. sorry for the very late post.. on the colony war last week. Been very busy with life to be honest. But hell, good thing i didnt miss the war last week. Is one of the best i had ever joined!

So what the catch? Lot of new faces! Lot of attacking and declarations! Lot of killing and owning! And nevertheless, lot of good fight, rally for colony breaking! Look at my factions, owned colonies for 5 times between Tetra, El Lago and King Garden, then got rally back by the opponents! But still pretty fun!

Few thing worth to mention in the Carracci war, one of it would be the new faces, which actually back either the republican or the royalist. Some of them are neutral, but then again, no problem, it add in lot of unpredictable spices in the war! Hurray to the new blood, and show the other carraccian that you all are rising now! No more the alliances, no more the republicans!


Another things is the rise of the old constructor, his blades was deadly, and they pawn colony lightning fast! That is what we saw during last week war. Everyone was adopting the Diego running streak! Way the go old man! Show them no mercy.. i mean the tower!

And, by the way, people speculating how Invictus would be dumb enough to try hit Highlander at the very last mins, and think they can really do it? Well just to leak out some insight, the special Invictus task force just accidentally got disconnected during this critical moment 😦 which render the plan a failure! Honestly, is not lame excuse, is true… i swear upon my dead body lol. But nevertheless, for Invictus, being able to divide force to conquer and defense is something the invictusian proud of! 🙂

 Lastly, congrat to everyone who got colonies for the weeks, hold tight on it, cause carracci will never be the same anymore!

Delay, Bug, Delay, Bug

November 2, 2007

Bugs and Delay had been part of GE life, part of IAH practice, can’t comment much about it. Either you accept it or you release the stress in their official forum. Flame as much as you can, for their poor services, long maintenance, then bugs pop up, from their highest rank officer till their little technicians, together with those who are not related, receptionist and cleaning lady. Poor ah soh…

Anyhow, should we feel so angry about it? Was it that serious, for not getting to play for 2 or 3 hours? Oh god, IAH was actually so happy about you all man. The more respond you made, the more happy they are! Cool down! The more concern you show, proved that IAH get more GE supported, who is so addicted to the game!


Bugs is something need to be addressed. Compensation is an abusive words, but if they can compensate (of 2-3 hours of game play? Whatever), it would be too good for the players. The real thing is to fix the damn bugs as soon as possible! Hate it when they start telling you to re-install the client again and again, which is a havoc. Hope the wings issue will be re-solve soon.