Delay, Bug, Delay, Bug

Bugs and Delay had been part of GE life, part of IAH practice, can’t comment much about it. Either you accept it or you release the stress in their official forum. Flame as much as you can, for their poor services, long maintenance, then bugs pop up, from their highest rank officer till their little technicians, together with those who are not related, receptionist and cleaning lady. Poor ah soh…

Anyhow, should we feel so angry about it? Was it that serious, for not getting to play for 2 or 3 hours? Oh god, IAH was actually so happy about you all man. The more respond you made, the more happy they are! Cool down! The more concern you show, proved that IAH get more GE supported, who is so addicted to the game!


Bugs is something need to be addressed. Compensation is an abusive words, but if they can compensate (of 2-3 hours of game play? Whatever), it would be too good for the players. The real thing is to fix the damn bugs as soon as possible! Hate it when they start telling you to re-install the client again and again, which is a havoc. Hope the wings issue will be re-solve soon.

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3 Comments on “Delay, Bug, Delay, Bug”

  1. Linoan Says:

    this keeps me disconnecting with pure virtual call error something…
    lucifer wings are not for the weak hearted – despair
    lol, i have to set my settings to max

    btw, orcalia seems busy lol, no more cw commentaries?

  2. Linoan Says:

    OH BTW, have you seen the bots?
    they were broading

    We are back now with low low prices!!!


  3. Orcalia Says:

    Well yah, been very busy this weeks and last weeks and the week to come..
    But anyhow, I already drafted the CW commentaries for last week.
    But honestly I think Nate from Casa did a very good job to bring the detail reveal for last week CW. 🙂
    Oh well maybe from mine perspective.. there will be a different view of something, so stay tune tonite.. 🙂

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