CW, New Face, New Strategy, New Hope for Carracci

Aww.. sorry for the very late post.. on the colony war last week. Been very busy with life to be honest. But hell, good thing i didnt miss the war last week. Is one of the best i had ever joined!

So what the catch? Lot of new faces! Lot of attacking and declarations! Lot of killing and owning! And nevertheless, lot of good fight, rally for colony breaking! Look at my factions, owned colonies for 5 times between Tetra, El Lago and King Garden, then got rally back by the opponents! But still pretty fun!

Few thing worth to mention in the Carracci war, one of it would be the new faces, which actually back either the republican or the royalist. Some of them are neutral, but then again, no problem, it add in lot of unpredictable spices in the war! Hurray to the new blood, and show the other carraccian that you all are rising now! No more the alliances, no more the republicans!


Another things is the rise of the old constructor, his blades was deadly, and they pawn colony lightning fast! That is what we saw during last week war. Everyone was adopting the Diego running streak! Way the go old man! Show them no mercy.. i mean the tower!

And, by the way, people speculating how Invictus would be dumb enough to try hit Highlander at the very last mins, and think they can really do it? Well just to leak out some insight, the special Invictus task force just accidentally got disconnected during this critical moment 😦 which render the plan a failure! Honestly, is not lame excuse, is true… i swear upon my dead body lol. But nevertheless, for Invictus, being able to divide force to conquer and defense is something the invictusian proud of! 🙂

 Lastly, congrat to everyone who got colonies for the weeks, hold tight on it, cause carracci will never be the same anymore!

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8 Comments on “CW, New Face, New Strategy, New Hope for Carracci”

  1. Wooot Says:

    I a new fan of your blog. Just love the way you can change GE into everything in life, hahaha… The posters and clips are amazing, its so entertainning. Just want to drop by and tell you that I love this GE blog the most out of all that I ever seen so far.

    I am a player from Caravaggio, faction leader of Eclipse acually. I see you cover whole of SGE by reading the forums, I wonder if I can give more detailed information to you about Caravaggio and may beyou can write a little more about it. There arent many GE bloggers for Caravaggio other than Welling and Desanggria and thus making Caravaggio so unknowned to the world.

    So email me if you want some info on Caravaggio, would be glad to help you out.

  2. Remora Says:

    I spent my CW time well….. Thora-ing and Boneless-ing since the majour “Campers” are at CW. Best time to have some quality no KS time with your Fav Undead Bosses. Got me a Key to Room of Dead Last Sunday, so I’m happy.

    Man….. even from Skull2/3 I could see the intensce fighting going on with Colony droppeding and being reclaimed over and over.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Orcalia Says:

    Sure wooot! I know about Caravaggio, controlled by few strong faction, The 3 “E” and a AF, last time there’re “R” too… but too bad lol.

    Please do update me every war, so I get an idea what is happening around! Email me with Caravaggio update to

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Remora, great move from a non cw faction 🙂 come join the republican once in a while for the war! It would be fun to have your side fighting too

  4. martia Says:

    (also known as kai)

    yay-ness for 6 diegos!!! more diegos = more win


    i want to see your updates to the infernal affair roya vs repubs here too. i bet it is funny

  5. Rococo Says:

    Random spam!

    Visit to win great prizes! Only cervantes players need to apply.

  6. Weiss Says:

    In fact the ‘new factions’ appearing is more like old factions splitting up and forming their own due to a change in ideals. Sad to say, it’s not because that we are getting newcomers in Caracci that’s forming these new factions. Overally, we are losing player count. It’s still the same old fighting the same old. -disappointed-

  7. Orcalia Says:

    Well, is rather than no fighting at all, which wasted the CW features 🙂
    Adios to the war last week. NOt updating but i think Nate done a great job again on the war details in carracci


  8. Weiss Says:

    Quite true.

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