GE with Simon Cowell!


I can’t believe I almost miss the most interesting topics in GE, last week! One with the quiet Pach server! So what happen over there, people claim is quiet, infested with bots, low drop rate? The server is totally being abandoned? What the heck is happening in there?

Oh gosh.. much question asked but hell I am not going to blog about the server, we are all here to talk about our very own blogger hero, Mr di Stowe, our very own personal judge for the blogspotting event! Way the go man! Here come Simon Cowell is in the game now!

Now for the story, this di Stowe commented on Micoy blog, as one of the suckest blog which is being blogspotted! Well his real intention is about the server being too quiet in the first place, but who cares, his comment on the blog gives much more impact man! And why di Stowe is the man of the blogging event? Cause he is the only one questioning our panel decision! What the go man! You got my respect…..


Anyhow, enough of the story, so was it valid? Oh… I mean the blog comment… hmm… well, the good thing is, the blog he is refering to, got an interesting content nevertheless, but is still a new blog with 1 post and the layout is the default layout. Anyhow, this doesn’t mean you can’t be blogspotted! The bad thing is, the accusation or the comment rather reflected di Stowe a bit jealous over the others? The words he used was rather harsh if you ask me? He were saying this :

“but your Blog is a hudge-enourmous piece of garbage” 

Gosh… look at the furious words! Look how strong they are! IAH panels just got themselves a pile of garbage to be dispose! or treasured?

Oh well, that how gamers function. Now and then, without much patients, they blow off and go along their own way. Is normal to really talk what you like, honestly, is your own mouth! Who can stop that? But just make sure the shaft doesn’t appear out from your mouth, that all. 🙂

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12 Comments on “GE with Simon Cowell!”

  1. Remora Says:

    diStowe was jealous cause his wasnt choosen over the Micoy’s Blog. So he decides to Flame Micoy’s Blog hoping to draw attention to His.

    Typical Sore loser.

  2. Orcalia Says:

    Well, now he is being compensated? He got blogspotted today.. lol…
    look here!

  3. Meng Says:

    well…..i understand his anger(anyway he has wone a D.A.W already) but…..its kinda harsh on how he lash out….sigh….

    Ya…pach nowadays abit quiet……only see pple hunting boneless or thora….but no one seems to hunt sabel tiger any longer. hoho

  4. Rococo Says:

    Wee my blog is better than his, her or whoever1111111 otherwise known as the variation of my balls are bigger than yours.

    Oh well. Such a pity that he won though. I think Hrin couldn’t find any better blog. :/ We need to give prizes for best personality.

  5. Remora Says:

    I cant hunt sabre tiger anymore cause he’s now White to my Fighter Zzzzzzzz T.T

  6. Rococo Says:

    O_O remora what lvl is your fighter? 103?

  7. Meng Says:

    Give up the tiger…….the surrounding mobs drop better stuff then the tiger -.-
    correct me if I am wrong,I think once you hit 101 you will see the tiger as white name?

  8. Remora Says:

    As What Meng Said 101 onwards Sabre is White named, MY Fighter is 1.5% to Lv102 Though ^^ My Scout should be 102 by this post.

  9. Godlike Says:

    “…Wee my blog is better than his, her or whoever1111111 otherwise known as the variation of my balls are bigger than yours…”

    Well Rococo… I guess it’s your chance, cause diStowe didn’t give a damn to being blogspoted, check this out on his/her/whatever weblog… lol Hrin owned big time. +++Respect for that post like “shove up your angel wings”

  10. Rococo Says:

    @Godlike O_o I don’t care about blogspotting either. That remark was referring to him. I don’t even play ge anymore lol.

  11. Normanizeich Family Says:

    His blog says clearly, from before he got blogspotted that his blog was not for blogspot purposes.

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