The one with deSanggria competition?

I was bored, boring.. till I knock into Desanggria blog about a contest of making a simple comic from a given screenshot… Was pretty interesting, so i just give it a shot! 🙂


Pretty lame huh? lol…. like I said, I was just bored… now time to get back to sleep… I was on my way to toilet to pass the pee, then look into my afk team, then look into my blog, then scout into casa blog, then linked to the comical competition, which lead me to this lol… Don’t worry, not participating thou… awww…. zzzzz sweet dream…

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5 Comments on “The one with deSanggria competition?”

  1. Larg Says:

    I don’t really understand of the last panel and regarding your last post, yes, Pach isn’t as quiet as you expect. :p

    Hope one day you can blog about it, let the whole GE know. We’re really quite abandoned. 😦

  2. Meng Says:

    Looks like the last comic shows the botter casting invisible?

  3. Remora Says:

    Botter Self Log off when GM near lol.

  4. Darrick Says:

    lol i realized just now you used Hrin’s traditional “The One”….

  5. Linoan Says:


    I think im beginning to consider quitting GE

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