Vacation week! Brb soon!

Very sorry for the late update, for those who been keep supporting, thank you for checking in every now and then. Anyhow, I wish to announce that I will not be updating till next week on my blog. Guess my wife to be, will always come first. Yup, I just got married anI am in my honeymoon week. I just sneak out from my villa to post this. Don’t worry, she is still asleep.

Hahaha… save up all the congrat, and start sending me more angpau… lol… Vis acceptable, kekeke….

Anyhow, Introduce to you my wife to be, Kathy…. Say hi to my gamers… there “Hi hellish gamers who steal my time with my husband!”…. Oh well… there she goes again.. anyhow, that’s her.. kakaka in the elementalist costume!


Well just stay tune for next week…. remember the new coming FFA competition? Bet you think I would never participate? lol… a little hint to you all, my production is 50% done, and is going to be a major spoof! Short movie revolving around the Carracci community! I just hope that I would be able to finish it before the time. We all hope for an extension lol. So stay tune for more!

Till I come back again! Adios!

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5 Comments on “Vacation week! Brb soon!”

  1. Remora Says:

    Congrates on your Marraige.

  2. anythinq Says:

    so chio, u lucky man

  3. l.a.m.b. Says:

    wah you have a real life elementalist for a life partner! *envy*
    don’t make her piss off or she might just Absolute Zero you! wahahahaha!

    hope you can upload the video to youtube when the competition is over. 🙂

  4. Sleeth Says:

    I am a fan of your GE blog and would like to congratulate you.

    Even in RL, there are traces of GE like gettin an Int Cath/ Kath as your rmissus. 🙂

    BTW, u r the 2nd GE player that I know got married recently. So, who says gaming takes up all out time… kekeke


  5. Linoan Says:

    cheers!!! if i catch you online i’ll pass you some omiage.


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