Carracci Commentator!

Today I wish to introduce you to some of our great fellows of Carracci, eventually real name is unknown but their political skills is awesome in forum! And when you think Casa Reclusion blog had a great commentator for Carracci war, look in here for the real ownage commentator!

Great players, talk sense most of the time, and somehow, he got real keen to tease Weiss. Lover as in real life?

Interesting lady, usually state firm with concrete points, sometimes could go crazy with spam! Usually talk behalf of godlike. And I like the cat! kekeke

Most of the time, he/she like to argue, over everything, but I like his/her fact! The best quote which i find amusing, “Strategies are strategies, be they “righteous” or “cheap underhanded tricks”. Talk behalf of Destiny

Part of republican who is very active to state his stand, who constantly post up the war result before Casa Reclusion take over. His stand to unite the republican seem working… gogogo Coal!

Don’t mess with the veteran elite, look at his post count! But he is not spammer, he always give great insight in every topic, especially in the carracci war!

In every 8 out of his 10 posts, you will see the word bots! A pure bots hater, as long as you afk, he will start spamming bots, even if it was actually a war discussion thread! Other than that, he seem to amuse to balls too especially BH balls?.. strange..

Ahh.. my great faction mate! Good, kind, loyal, dedicated, strong, helpful, honest, price charming.. ahaha, all the good qualities you can get, he is just in-human! Oh well, he can be very strict with his stand sometimes! That our Rhami….

A very unique commenter! Could be lengthy sometimes, but I like the way he always keep every post so healthy! Nice going!

Everybody know him, his dedication to GE, even after openly critics on every little flaw in GE, but he is still with all of us, withstanding the flaw! Anyhow, his posts are normally freaking long, but as always, he never fail to point out his stand. A very educated poster indeed!

Niko Goldeye
Spoke person for BH……. Straight forward guy with great loyalty to BH! This for you, “Stop picking on BH! If you think we bots, report us! Don’t come barking in the forum!”


Mastermind of the whole drama in any topics posted regards of Carracci. Identity remain a mystery, but his words twist like hell! Beware that you might get lost in his words or story or comment or what ever he is trying to post. Otherwise, switch to his frequency, it might help to understand more about what he is trying to tell! Truely a commentator for every war, he can bite you till you surrender, he can twist you till you are so lost and most of all, you will never miss him in every war topic in carracci! And remember, ONLY Carracci war topic!

Oh well, they are all the legendary Carracci war commentator, as new bloods are coming in to join the line… nevertheless, we solute them for their effort to made Carracci the best dramatic server of all time.

PS : Where Mercky lately? I heard he went to Perfect World?

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