We love you LJM!

Is refreshing to be back from a honeymoon. And now, back to the usual GE forum just to find an unusual new comrade of ours. He is cute in every sentence or post he started! He seem noobs but he gain all the supports from the people around him, something like William Hung of GE. We present to you, our Mr Lee, LeeJunMing! Don’t pray pray man… he is really the wonder poster of the year!


Aww.. by the way, if Mr Lee is looking at this, I got to tell him, no, I am not trying to bully or insult or tease you. I just admire your wonderful talent post of all time. And I just need to show it to the world! Come to think of it, we are so alike in many way, we both kakilang, we both speak poor engerish, and we both talk lot of nonsense. The moment I start a search on your every topic, you never fail making me or us laugh!

The epic post would be “all player very black hearted”. Gosh this is a topic of the century! I salute you my friends! You gain the best popularity, and I am boosting it now! And guess what, Hrin love you! We all love you! Don’t quit yet, cause solo just got pawned! So no worried from the big bully! As long as we all love you, you’re our Hrin’s boy!

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6 Comments on “We love you LJM!”

  1. Sleeth Says:

    HAahahaha…WOW has Leeroy!!

    We have LeeJunMing. 🙂


  2. Linoan Says:

    lol charming and sweet

  3. Hrin Says:

    You can check out the hilarious LeeJunMing merchandise that Muzu ❤ created: http://forum.iahgames.com/ge/showthread.php?p=223424#post223424

  4. Orcalia Says:

    Wasn’t that cute?
    Kudos to Muzu..

  5. Remora Says:


  6. leejunming Says:

    i saw it wtf btw im not famous now wahahahahahahha

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