GE Change of Business Plan : Chapter 1

If you haven’t get the news, GE is going to be F2P, yeap, you hear me right, is going to be officially F2P.
And that’s the hotest debate now in the official forum of GE. What do you guys think of it?
Tell you what, people say is a scam, people say the compensation (they claimed to be rewards) sux to the max, people say they felt cheated. So where the truth?

For me, I didn’t even spent any Gpoint for the playtime, I just spent for the premium items. So its doesn’t bother me much, but the sudden change of plan from IAH, is very unfair to the players who had been supporting, especially those who had bought the 1 years play time packages. So yeah, they claim is a sudden plan of change to go align with the other in global, but players look at it as a scam.


Yup, this is a serious matter, and I promise everyone that I will bring you whole week of footage of this matter! If the words are hard to understand, let the graphic do the talking!

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7 Comments on “GE Change of Business Plan : Chapter 1”

  1. l.a.m.b. Says:

    either way. i’m not really that affected whether GE is f2p or p2p.
    won’t let all these ‘forest fires’ or ‘firestarters’ spoil my enjoyment of the game. 😀

  2. Meng Says:

    seriously….I am abit disappointed with all of this…yeah i support p2p…but i guess alot of people quit….so there are not enough gamers to sustain GE.
    But i think SOTNW may be having the last laff now…

  3. martia Says:

    booo i have 390 days now!!! what the heck do i do with them? >.< i don’t really mind f2p, i just don’t want childish kids like those from maple playing.

  4. Orcalia Says:

    Well, I dont mind P2P too, since is not expensive at all, but hell.. i guess they need more revenues to sustance the company, and they think getting GE to be F2P going to add in more income to them… oh well, we will see…

  5. vonUtteresk Says:

    Woo Hooo… (Not for the F2P) Go to town on this man, Orcalia. I suggest a big big Revenge of the Bots poster. (star wars)

  6. Orcalia Says:

    I was thinking something more lol

  7. Remora Says:

    I feel dissapointed with IAH. Remember back whe nthe ywanted to P2P and gave us this OMGWOW proposal about how P2P is giving us blahblahblah and no freeloaders blahblahblah.

    Ppl actually (I’m one of them suckers) believed IAH and supported their P2P champaign and buying the LE Boxset to support IAH.

    And now the suddenly out of the blue 1 day pops out and say “Hey guys look here, remember we telling you about the P2P proposal 3 mths back? Yeah well YOU GOT PWNED we NOT going P2P SUCKERS. F2P BABY SUCK IT UP and thanks alot, we earned back our 5mil investment and even a year end bonus. Have a nice day in Botnado Lagspada IAH out”

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