Opss, Destroth did it again!

Well what wrong to get ally. Nothing wrong, just make sure you get the right person. And knightfall? that’s a piece of nice shit!


The creater, nuts. The victim, furious. The reader, laughing out shit from their ass! Like anyone care lol.

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11 Comments on “Opss, Destroth did it again!”

  1. mon Says:


  2. Orcalia Says:

    THat’s what i heard from the forum… seem like somebody just got caught for expanding their power lol

  3. cs Says:

    when the “tree” is big sure will get a lot of “wind” . But whether it is good tree or bad tree .. it depend on individual view .. for me i prefer plant my own “tree” and hope it grow big without any help cos it just a game .. please dont involve politics in .

  4. l.a.m.b. Says:

    anyway, gd thing i didn’t play on in Pach. that Bearzzzz fellow is so annoying.

  5. Destroth’s gone now

  6. diStowe Says:

    Pachelbel belongs to bot factions now…
    The next CW’s gonna be interesting 😉

  7. Orcalia Says:

    This is so sad to hear man…
    Come over to Carracci….
    Is more dramatic… we need more rep.. lol

    Currently working on several oversea projects so is kinda busy..
    LifeinGE will be back active again real soon 🙂

  8. Destroth Says:

    Lol….. sad that after i left , it feel apart…. have fun GE!

  9. vonUtteresk Says:

    Update pls!!! hahaha… miss your humour.

  10. Rococo Says:

    No more update?

  11. Orcalia Says:

    Haha sorry for the absent…
    Was working on a film for the FFA
    Will update you guys in this blog real soon!

    For preview, is going to be mind blowing hahaha
    Stay tune

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