Coming back with surprise !

Harlo guys and gals…
Been sometime since I came back to LifeinGE
You know, end years, early years, months around the Chinese New Years, so LifeinGE is kinda slowing down, just like myself, busy with tonnes of works. But fret not… LifeinGE coming back…

 And for all who are anticipate on what LifeinGE is going to bring this opening of year 2008, our very first FFA entry… haha yup, a movie that will blow your mind off…

All I can reveal now is the following :


Cant say much as you will need to watch it to believe it, so stay tune, real tune to LifeinGE for more updates. Hahaha

That’s all for now

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6 Comments on “Coming back with surprise !”

  1. Remora Says:

    welcome back.

  2. Rococo Says:

    Welcome back! I hope you can submit your video in time for the FFA. Hope to see some good video and not like a certain team. >.>

  3. Meng Says:

    Woot~~You are back….missed u man ~~haha.

    Do hope you give us your weekly dosage of funfilled arts 😛

  4. Orcalia Says:

    Hahaha you bet !

  5. Linoan Says:

    LOL, watch show ^^

    I was like imagining Ferdinand on that show!!! LOOOLZ

    So… now we know why Ferdinand is missing!


  6. Orcalia Says:

    He was more like assasinated ? No ? lol
    Well i just like how movie created much imagination in the viewer…

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