The Martia(N) Effect !

Look around Granado General Chat, and we see the new upcoming star after LeeJunMing…
The Martia[n] effect! Who is she anyway?
Hell we don’t care, keep worshipping her to get her blessing !  

Now, start talking to the spoon !!!!

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7 Comments on “The Martia(N) Effect !”

  1. martia Says:


    not you too…

  2. Orcalia Says:

    OMG…. Martia visit my blog…. OMG….
    Lid the candle, hand me the robe…
    Everyone start worshipping !!!!

  3. Remora Says:

    Ancentor’s Seal of Approval [CHOP]

  4. Essentia Says:


  5. Linoan Says:


  6. csworld Says:

    Describe more in details leh … so that pachebelarian will know what happen also .

  7. Orcalia Says:

    Honestly, no one knows… she just happen to be our martian goddess…
    As what is really happening… as her for details, although i doubt she would know what is really happening lol…

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