Vote for your GM? Think again…

Well currently the running around GM event voting….
Is again drain our money for their Chinese New year Angpao…
Sad Sad…


Guess their Angpaos are fat this year…

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5 Comments on “Vote for your GM? Think again…”

  1. Meng Says:

    errmm well, my 5 cents here…..nowadays, almost all the events are draining our money leh……

  2. vonUtteresk Says:

    Haha, should calculate the total amount spent by the top 5 voters for each GM. Frickin scary number.

  3. Orcalia Says:

    Well, they dont have much revenues for the GMs angpao…
    THey got no choice but to suck the players money to compensate them…
    Is a matter of give and take…
    we give and they take …. 😦

  4. Meng Says:

    you should see some of the servers man…..over 10k of votes per voter….scary…

  5. csworld Says:

    Well .. if really up to you whether you can control yourself or not … is gd that they can earn money also .. else GE will be abdoned by iah … Then the games will get very bored with no events and updates…

    Haiz .. me also spent few hundred in GP.

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