Report your head…. repottt…..

Well, most people got owned from the reporting bug issue


Another masterpiece from our IAH… bleh… very very sienz….. And don’t forget to continue pumping them cash… or else, there might be disaster coming upz  !!!!

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2 Comments on “Report your head…. repottt…..”

  1. Remora Says:

    From Report Abuse at Vergo/Hell Breakers to No Codes poping up and Semi AFKers who get reported at wrong time.

    When I reach the patch info regarding this “Bot System” I knew from the start it was PHAIL.

    We get a system that outdated that most newer bot programns have long bypassed since KGE time.

    And I bet IAH knows the system is outdated yet refused to get more GM, whats worst they AXED all the Anti Bot Squard.

    Haizzzzzzz Botnado Botspada anyone?

  2. Orcalia Says:

    Good one there, Botspada…. lol…
    Anyway, this botting had become one of a major issue in GE.
    And its seem that their new and so called best botter buster just got owned.
    Oh well, so much for the solution, when its created more problems to the innocents!

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