Scandal Exposed !

I was like, Like that also can arr?
Hillarious drama of the cover-up, exposing and never been seen, the approved botter faction in Vivaldi !
Read all the drama here
And here a big harloooo to IAH, still sleeping? Busy counting your money?


By the way, its seem that the direction of GE is heading to the right direction now, right for IAH, wrong for the players. Oh well….

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5 Comments on “Scandal Exposed !”

  1. martia Says:

    ahhh. so fun. they nazi and delete off that thread already

  2. Orcalia Says:

    As expected martia…
    I was fortunate to saw it coming….
    Can’t imagine the whole faction was actually discussing about an appropriate timing to bots…. they approved botting, they seem to encourage it, they got their reason, which is obviouslt made from IAH way of management.
    And IAH seem to open one eyes and close one eyes?

  3. Remora Says:

    When the police is not even doing their job to patrol the “land” criminals will become bolder and bolder and openly bot. (I seen alot of ppl doing that already, but I gave up. Report also no use, ticket also no use, post forum also no use)

    Lv108 and still manually grinding towards Expert Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Orcalia Says:

    Good for you remora…
    Is not much of the honor of playing GE without botting now, is how much we still want to experience the fun out of GE, as botting just took out the fun adventuring.
    But hell, manual leveling reach the end game much slower, while the botter get to the point much faster, experienced it and quit it out.
    Not to mention about those RMT seller who spoil the market already.

  5. Essentia Says:

    My guess is same as Orcalia’s. The more people get to their goals through botting, the less attached they will be to their account, and hopefully they will get bored. It can be lonely at the top, especially if you shortcut your way there.

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