We have Mercy!

IAH is so kind to give second chance to banned account! They are so good! They got mercy now! They are increasing their karma! They start managing with their soul and heart!


Bull shit! If you want to banned then banned permanently lar! What the heck giving chance to botters? We are talking about legit botters here? Pay a sum to release yourself out? Now botter get their chance to get out by paying some $$ which I really doubt they would, and if they would, here come IAH making more and more money! How bout legit players who got banned without knowing why. It seems that, even starting an invenstigation require money money and money! IAH surely taught us something! NOTHING IS FREE IN THIS WORLD, NO EXCEPTION AT ALL, NEVER!!!!

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2 Comments on “We have Mercy!”

  1. Welling Says:

    i seeeee… i saw…. banned people… back to life -___-

  2. Essentia Says:

    Has happened many times now.

    Seems like money is the root of all evil…

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