Who is there?

Who me? Well, someone with absolutely no life? Haha i got a life out there, an almost perfect life if only my wife would stop naggin me when i spent too much time on my online game. Oh well….. there you go…..

Working as a slaves for an engineering firm, i spent rest of mine time playing online game, so perhaps i still got a real life out there. Pretty much, i like gaming and analysing it too, not much in sense of how to powerlevel, or how to become an uber players for PvP or PvE, but more in studying how online games players react and matured nowadays.

I like seeing those brats yelling like “Hell i am not goin to pay for this game, I am quiting, who’s with me?” Wasn’t that funny? I mean it was hillarious! I wonder if these people ever willing to sell their butt for free. Nothing is free in this world except the air we are breathing man! Oh well…. in the sociality part, is fantastic to study such interestin but common species in mmorpg nowadays.

There are lot more different mmorpg lurker species, which we all like to see for the good laugh! So what you are going to expect from this blog is most probably the unique gamers social life in Granado Espada, revealing them all here, in a very interactive way!


So hope you enjoy your stay here around. We will keep you update! Play well, sleep well and don’t let the botz get your spot! Opzz.. lmao!

Ethan Tan aka the Orcalia


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