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We have Mercy!

February 29, 2008

IAH is so kind to give second chance to banned account! They are so good! They got mercy now! They are increasing their karma! They start managing with their soul and heart!


Bull shit! If you want to banned then banned permanently lar! What the heck giving chance to botters? We are talking about legit botters here? Pay a sum to release yourself out? Now botter get their chance to get out by paying some $$ which I really doubt they would, and if they would, here come IAH making more and more money! How bout legit players who got banned without knowing why. It seems that, even starting an invenstigation require money money and money! IAH surely taught us something! NOTHING IS FREE IN THIS WORLD, NO EXCEPTION AT ALL, NEVER!!!!


Scandal Exposed !

February 22, 2008

I was like, Like that also can arr?
Hillarious drama of the cover-up, exposing and never been seen, the approved botter faction in Vivaldi !
Read all the drama here
And here a big harloooo to IAH, still sleeping? Busy counting your money?


By the way, its seem that the direction of GE is heading to the right direction now, right for IAH, wrong for the players. Oh well….

The Martia(N) Effect !

February 4, 2008

Look around Granado General Chat, and we see the new upcoming star after LeeJunMing…
The Martia[n] effect! Who is she anyway?
Hell we don’t care, keep worshipping her to get her blessing !  

Now, start talking to the spoon !!!!

GE Change of Business Plan : Chapter 2

December 3, 2007

Like I promise, running streak on the hottest news in GE now!


Well IAH had come to this point, no turning back! Is the managements decision! So who the managements? They had made us pay for what they had decide! For the best or for the worst, we will see!

 Enuff say!

GE Change of Business Plan : Chapter 1

December 1, 2007

If you haven’t get the news, GE is going to be F2P, yeap, you hear me right, is going to be officially F2P.
And that’s the hotest debate now in the official forum of GE. What do you guys think of it?
Tell you what, people say is a scam, people say the compensation (they claimed to be rewards) sux to the max, people say they felt cheated. So where the truth?

For me, I didn’t even spent any Gpoint for the playtime, I just spent for the premium items. So its doesn’t bother me much, but the sudden change of plan from IAH, is very unfair to the players who had been supporting, especially those who had bought the 1 years play time packages. So yeah, they claim is a sudden plan of change to go align with the other in global, but players look at it as a scam.


Yup, this is a serious matter, and I promise everyone that I will bring you whole week of footage of this matter! If the words are hard to understand, let the graphic do the talking!